Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday April 26, 2007

Well another banner day for this girl. Can't seem to not pout, and have attitude some days. Master made her sleep with no underwear last night. Can't seem to sleep well completly nude for some reason, so am very hot, tired, and cranky this morning. Promised Master no attutude today, so trying to just stay away from him. Master not only banned underwear, he wouldn't let this girl cover up for over an hour. Of couse she kept trying to sneak sheet back over herself so the time kept being lengthened. He also told her no underwear today, but girl is hoping he forgot. Wearing pants that are to big and they keep falling down so no underwear would not be a good thing today. It's over 80* degrees today am sweating horribly. My new kittens are doing well though. Very loud mouths which is a good thing. Every now and then there mother sits on them and they let her know very quickly. Really need a schedule. This girl just waste to much time doing nothing during the day. Just can't seem to make one and stick to it. Will let you know tomorrow if succeeded in one day without attitude. Huggssssss to any and all who read this girls blog, even if that's only Master.

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cyndi said...

i am reading! good luck with the attitude! i have the same problem and i am pouty today. not a good combo