Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Sunday

Family sucks. Am so glad that we only have them all on holidays. After a few hours they drive you nuts. My Master tries to protect me, becouse he knows this girl never says no to family or friends. He told her they should escape for a few hours till everyone was gone, but no had to be stubborn like always. Have had my one year old great niece all day long, am now beyond exhausted. Last night was our monthly Munch. We had an auction, but it was mainly vanilla stuff. Master got us a whole box of china dishes for 6 dollars, and a leather vest for five. Then they had a voilet want demestration from Madam Tanesha. It was excellant. She also did some erotic knife play, and came out wearing a corsett with metal boobs. When she was doing electrical play she had electricity coming from the metal tips of the boobs into her demo person's back. It was spectacular. Didn't get home till midnight, and didn't get to sleep till almost two am. This morning was first person up, even before kids. Finished getting stuff ready for Easter and started cooking and all that fun stuff we do for other's. Didn't even do my husbands family yet, holding them off till tomorrow then will do something with them. Just don't have the energy to deal with mine and his both on the same day. Hope everyone has a wonderfull Easter as well.

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