Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Attitude day..sigh.....

This girl had an attitude today. Glared at Master becouse he yelled at her at lunch. Then refused to eat anything and pouted. Got two hard smacks with the whip for that. Then Master held her and kissed her tears away, but this girl still had a bit of an attitude. Watched my great niece all day and she was really a handfull today. Wanted outside all day long, and was way to hot to be outside all day. This girl is truly sorry to her Master she doesn't know why she's had an attitude. She's been tired, lazy, and cranky lately and there's no reason for it. My cat had two kittens still born today, so that didn't help mood any. Only two survived. Started to write a story, but never got it finished. Did redo Master's MDS page for him, and this girl thinks it looks pretty good. Took a long time to download all the songs for the player on his page. Even longer to try to get colors to work out right. Would like to get some writing done. Have been really lax about that too lately. Always chatting on MDS instead of working or writing. The house is a mess. Of course there's a lot more then this girl that makes that mess, and never clean. See here this girl goes bitching again and there's no reason for it. Just one of those days. Least hope thats all it is. Will try not to dissapoint Master tomorrow. Least hope won't. Don't want more stripes. Think maybe it's just becouse sometimes where so close and spent so much time togather, then other days life get in the way and where hardly ever in the same room...sigh. Have been going to bed exhausted every night this week and waking up not much rested. Hope Friday comes soon.

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