Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday-spanking day

Finaly got those whippings i've been being promised all week. Though Master did say he was mainly threatening whippings to keep me in line. Also got my pussy whipped good, which made me hot and wet. Would have loved to play a lot longer and harder, but had to take my daughter to mall. Had to admit was a little bummed this morning. Started thinking maybe Master is only in lifestyle to please me. That was really upsetting me. It's just not worth it if he's not in it for himself. There's so much still want to explore, learn, and try. He never talks about what he wants to try. We tried hot wax once and I screamed like a girl..well I am a girl. Would like to try agian, but haven't. Also bondage want to play a lot more with both bondage and shibari. It just seems once more play time and time for each other is being pushed aside just like it always is. Maybe my brattiness this week was trying to push the limits, and get a reaction out of him. Can't do self analys so don't know. My fave time is just sitting togather watching tv, especially the sex shows he saves just for me. We haven't even done that in a while. The weekend my parents were gone, and my daughter was as well was so great. Master kept me naked and waiting on him almost the whole weekend. He was always touching and tasting me. Now he's back to sending me to my computer, and telling me to leave him alone. Sigh.... Maybe if Master was under the tutoulage of an older more experianced Master we could learn and explore more. He's so Dominant though do not think that would fly. Ah well we are getting there. He's my Master for life and he's a great Master and husband and this girl is lucky to have him so have no real complaints. Just feeling whiney tonight. Do not even know why this girl would want more then what she already has. This girl is really a big baby and as Master says way to emotianal. Really thought Master liked shibari though and surprised he hasn't wanted to tie up my tits agian. Of course when he does this girl will probaly regret her whining, becouse then she'll be whining about something else. Well it's actually been a great saturday and we had a lot of fun at mall. Got some nice tight jeans at JC Penney's that were on sale. Hope Master likes them on this girls ass. Saw a movie, and walked around for a while. Talked to my friend Master Vigbrand for a while, before bed. He is a great guy and always like to talk to him for a while. Specially since his girl Mandi is out of town with her family right now and not home to serve him. Miss Mandi and our games of Dominoes, Literati, and pool. Am sure her Master misses her for there nightly games even more then I Ok am out for the evening. Hope everyone else's day was as good is mine. Love you Master.

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