Saturday, April 21, 2007

Afternoon Delights

Please spank me Master, the slave pleaded.

Master stopped typing and looked down at her kneeling by his side. He considered, and decided he had time. Closing the computer room door and locking it he told her to strip. She happily complied. Leaning her over his computer desk he backed his chair up, and moved her legs further apart. Putting on a leather glove he rubbed her ass with it for a few minutes. Without warning his hand smacked down on her ass cheek sending shock waves through her body. She moaned and leaned back into his hand. He rubbed some more, then swatted her again. For a good ten minutes he alternated rubbing and swatting till her ass cheeks were red and enflamed. Every stroke of his hand sent pleasure/ pain cascading through her body. Her huge breasts bounced with each hard stroke of his palm. He turned a movie on his computer of a gang bang by a pool. Laying his girl across his lap making sure she could see the action he grabbed a wire hanger and spanked her for a few minutes with that as she writhed and moaned under his skill full hand. He kept one large hand on her neck to hold her down as he stroked and rubbed and spanked her ass. Dropping the hanger and peeling off the glove he stuck his thumb deep in her waiting wet dripping pussy. Shoving it to the hilt he fucked her hard as she squealed in ecstasy. Telling her to get to her hands and knee’s he looked around seeking inspiration. Searching in a drawer he found a small screwdriver. Leaning over he stuck the handle in her wet pussy. She moaned loudly as her pussy squelched with each deep thrust. The handle went deeper then his finger and felt so damn good. He fucked her with the screw driver handle for a good fifteen minutes, and then had her get into the computer chair in the room. Grabbing her legs he threw them over his shoulders and pulled her ass up out of the chair. Leaning over he stuck his tongue deep in her cunt. Licking and sucking at her warm wetness. His hands kept busy pulling and pinching her nipples, as she clutched his hair helpless before his onslaught. Leaning back he started spanking her pussy. With each wet squelch is his hand came down she moaned a bit louder. Ordering her to hold herself open to him, he started teasing her clit mercilessly. Waves of pleasure cascaded through her body. Pulling her up he had her straddle his lap and start to kiss and suckle his neck.

He whispered to her, Are you my little girl?

Yes Master, she whimpered breathless with passion.

Call me daddy, he commanded her.

Yes Daddy, she cried out as his lips found her hard nipple.

What do you want now? He asked her.

Please Daddy fuck my ass. She requested.

Letting her get off his lap, he watches as she got to all fours in front of him her legs spread wide. Head down and ass up in the air begging for his attention. Rubbing her ass and sticking two fingers deep inside Master tested her readiness. She arched her back like a cat and almost purred with happiness. He started to fuck her hard and pulled her hair back at the same time. She moaned lustfully and thrust back against him. He leaned over her and started to spank her pussy at the same time. Each slap sending her rocking back hard against him. She didn’t think she could take anymore the pleasure was so great. Next time he pulled her hair back hard she started giggling uncontrollably instead of moaning. Her laughter sending more tremors through her body, till wetness started dripping down her legs from her orgasm. Master raked his nails down her back drawing furrows, as she shook under him from the force rocketing through her. She collapsed in exhaustion at his feet. Pulling her back into his lap he stroked her long red hair away from her face and told her what a good little girl she was. She smiled happily looking up at him.

Get dressed now my little whore we are done till tonight, he told her.

Yes Master, she said as she stood to do his bidding.

She’d just got her shirt over his head when his thumb and index finger found her pussy again and started fucking her wet slit once more. Grabbing her hair and pulling her head down Master kissed her hard.

I’ll never be done with you my little slut, he told her.

After a few minutes of listening to her moan at his ministrations he finally stopped and let her finish getting dressed. Getting to her knees before him she thanked him for giving her his time. Running his hands through her hair, he leaned down and kissed her gently this time.

Go girl before I get the paddle and the vibes. He told her.

Running out of the room, before Master could grab her once more she smiled happily as she returned to her chores. Waiting with anticipation for the sun down to go down, and she could feel her Master’s hands on her aching body once more.

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