Friday, April 20, 2007

Night of endless passion

This girl had been gone all day, as always checked messages on computer right after got home. (After greeting Master of course) She had a card waiting at naughty cards a kinky greeting card site. Master had left her a very sexy message with explicit instructions not to be wearing anything she didn’t want ripped off her body at bedtime. He wrote how much he missed her and exactly what he wanted to do to her tonight. This girl got very wet reading the card. At bedtime girl got into bed naked, as she liked her underclothes and most especially didn’t want them to be used as gags like Master had written. Master didn’t play games he jumped into bed, and immediately stuck three fingers deep in my warm wet pussy to see how ready his girl was. Feeling her juices lubricating his fingers nicely he smiled evilly. Grabbing her hair he pulled it back hard, as she hissed in pain. Taking her wrists he quickly tied her to the bedposts where soft restraints had been waiting. With her wrists secure she could do nothing but hold the bed post and whimper, as he covered her eyes. Without warning a huge dildo was shoved deep in her pussy at the same time two fingers delved in her anus. She squirmed and moaned. Reaching up he pinched her nipple hard.

Stay still girl! He growled at her.

Knowing that disobedience would be painful she immediately held still as she moaned wantonly. Lifting her hips off the bed as the sensations of his pounding in her sensitive area’s left her reeling. He uncovered her eyes as he came toward her with some rope. She looked up bewildered, but said nothing. Quickly he wrapped her tits tightly till they bulged like huge purple balloons. Reaching down he sucked hard on one till the pain/pleasure was unbelievable. She writhed beneath him pulling at the restraints futilely trying to get closer. Reaching up he slapped her hard making her head rock back.

Stay still already! He barked.

Sorry Master, she sobbed aching everywhere begging for release.

He moved lower once more and positioned himself between her wet thighs. She groaned as his tongue dived in deeply sucking and licking at her moistness. Rigidly she stayed still even as she wanted to writhe and scream his name, not wanting to incur his wrath again. Taking her clit between his teen he sucked and rolled it till she whimpered in need. Sticking his thumb deep in her pussy and a finger in her ass he started fucking her hard with his hand, even as he continued to suck and lick. Not able to stay still anymore she lifted her ass up and moaned loudly. Reaching up to her huge swollen tied tits he pinched and pulled them with his free hand causing pleasure to swell through her whole body. She screamed as her juices poured over his tongue and fingers pleasure cascading through her body. Exhausted she crashed back to the bed her stomach still clenching hard from her spasms.

Master leaned up and whispered in her ear, you like that little girl?

Yes Master, she breathlessly answered as her heartbeat slowly came down to normal.

He untied the ropes and let her wrists out of the soft cuffs. Holding her he stroked her back gently as she recovered from there session. Slowly she came back down to earth. Cuddling together they talked quietly. He told her that he wanted her to go to the next munch wearing very little. He told her he’d have her wearing a small bikini or a see through shirt. As he talked about it Master got very excited again.

Would you like that slut, he asked her?

Yes Master, she responded her breathing starting to speed up as well.

Grabbing her hand he placed it on his penis. She moaned as she rubbed him hard. He responded by pulling her hair back, and sucking on her neck. Breaking away she turned around so she could get to her knees and take him in her hot hungry mouth. Quickly his finger found its way into her ass forcing her forward hard. His hot slick shaft slid up and down in her mouth, as his finger plunged in and out of her sexy pert ass. Grabbing her ass cheek and squeezing hard he pulled her around to face him.

Fuck me, he told her gruffly.

Happily she turned around and climbed on him backwards. Grabbing his thick hard erection she slid it home in her damp waiting pussy. He continued talking about how exciting it would be to have her dressed in almost nothing and watching how all the people would admire his Angel and her body. He leaned over and grabbed his whip at the side of the bed, before she knew the sharp pain shot across her ass cheeks as he struck her making her hiss as she pushed her pussy deeper into his penis. Hearing her sharp hiss of pain excited him, and he struck her several more times making her thrust even more forcefully down on him. Dropping the whip he grabbed his crop and went to town on her ass cheeks and lower back. With every stroke she moaned loudly and ground against him hard. Finally he groaned and spilled his seed deep in her quivering pussy. Slowly she slid off him to lay next to him her head on his chest trying to get her breathing back to normal. He ran his hands over the welts on her back soothingly telling her what a good little girl she was. Rolling over he shoved her back on her back, and grabbing her biggest dildo and shoved it deep in her pussy as she moaned beneath him. He fucked her with the monster dildo for a good twenty minute’s while she moaned and begged for more. Withdrawing it he grabbed her fasted vibrator and started circling her clit slowly at first then faster and faster. Leaning over he bit her nipple hard just as the vibe touched her clit dead one. Screaming she came once more, so hard she almost shoved him off the bed. Slowly the climax subsided and she settled back down to the bed so exhausted she could hardly move anymore. Holding her close Master kissed her neck and face. Whispering in her ear what a good girl she was, and how much he loved her. They snuggled together kissing softly as they slowly drifted off to sleep wrapped in each others arms. One of his hands covered the collar on her neck possessively reminding her that she was his for now and all eternity. She smiled happily as this thought struck, and looked forward to the aches and pains this night’s pleasure would bring in the morning reminding her of her Master’s love of her.

Next morning after taking the teen to school returned home. Going in to bedroom Master yanked her on bed and took her hard and fast agian. Licking and sucking every inch of her skin till she groaned helplessy in his grasp. After bringing her to orgasm agian and agian he finaly released her and let her return to her own pleasures for a while. Least till nighttime when he had new pleasures and kinks to try out on her his slave. New rope and bondage tricks to try. Can't wait for the pictures...
Master Ed's dark angel

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