Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hump day

Well Master bought me an erotic book yesterday. Was reading it last night while he was watching a movie in bed. Needless to say he had to pause his movie for a while. Reading about someone else's ass being reddened as she was being spanked, really got my juices flowing. Didn't play rough or for very long since we had both been sick for last few weeks, but it was nice to finaly play agian. Master keeps threatening me with more whippings. Not even sure why think he just likes to threaten though have got a few already. Wrote Master a poem going to post it here for him see if he's still My niece found another baby sitter so didn't even have to watch my baby niece tonight. Actually the day was pretty good. We did have to pick up my other niece from school so my sister could get some more sleep before she had to go into work tonight. Only thing is my daughter gets out an hour before her so we had some time to kill. We went to the library for a while, then just read in front of the school to the bell rang. My daughter has made the Florida young scholars award agian this year. Am very proud of her, but would never tell her in so many words. Don't want her having a swelled Made Master bacon and fried potatoes for brunch is a surprise only to be the one surprised..he wasn't hungry this morning. Ah well I enjoyed it. Have to run my daughter is bugging me about showing me some stupid vid on u tube. Have a great Wednesday.

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Master Ed said...

Of course I am reading...I loved the poem and love you dearly.