Friday, April 27, 2007

Yea it's Friday!!!

This girl was in a great mood all day. In fact felt pretty playfull all day. Unfortunitly Master wasn't feeling is well. He didn't sleep well last night at all. He had muscle spasms in his stumps all night long. This girl forgot to lay his clothes out this morning so that didn't help. Then daughter forgot to pack for her weekend trip so had to come all the way home after getting her from school, let her pack then take her to her granma's house. Then we got there and they weren't home. Even though Master had asked if they'd be there, and they said yes. We had to wait over 20 minutes for someone to show up. Finaly after it got quiet at home and we talked a bit he started feeling better. We watched a show togather, and he groped me. Not sure if will play much at bedtime or not as where both tired, but the weekend with no daughter is looking very good. Now this girl went to bed early, and has had a pretty good day. Her friend Jaqui joined my dungeon space, and they had some wicked fun playing in chat there. Also her other friend Pam has her connection back up so is back online after a long haitus. They also played in chat for a while. Got rid of the teen. Master bought this girl a corn dog basket for dinner, so she didn't have to cook tonight. This girls cat has to fat healthy roly poly loudmouthed kittens. Life is good.(as long is no slapping)

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