Tuesday, April 24, 2007

april 24, 2007

Sorry no blog yesterday this one was banned from the computer for a day. She doesn't always answer or respond quickly when Master calls when she's distracted on here. Master said she could get back on later in the afternoon since he was playing a game all day, but the punishment was earned so this one stayed off all day. Didn't really play to much a little, but this girls nipples got really sore from heavy playing and some tit bondage and needed a break. Actually have been exceptionaly tired and lazy last few days. Think my iron must be pretty low. Have been taking my pills but still feel exhausted before two every afternoon. Have gone to bed early just doesn't seem to work. Am thank full Master has let me rest a bit from rough play. Hopefully will perk up and feel better tomorrow. Don't know why i'm so blah. Well have been watching my great niece and sometimes my sister brings her lab over and play ball with him for hours, so might explain the tiredness. Hopefully will have a more interesting blog later on for you.

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