Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Incredible Monday night sex

Well Master kept me with no underwear wet and horny all day long yesterday. Not easy with the baby and having to pick up our kid, and all the other million things we were doing as well. Was watching my great niece till after ten at night, so this girl figured it was late no play time. Not so before she knew it this girl was naked and handcuffed to bed post. Master felt how wet and ready she was, and proceeded to tease her for what felt like hours, but was probaly no more then an hour. He put clothespins on this girls nipples two each across each other. The pain was exquisite, and then he licked and sucked them at the same time. Never felt anything so wonderfull and yet so painfull at the same time. He used finger's, toys, and pervatables to make me hornier then ever. It got to the point where this girl just couldn't take anymore after Master closed her pussy lips with clothespins, and she begged to be allowed to go to sleep. Master was angry a bit that girl even asked, but he granted her requests. Don't know how to explain that while the play is wonderfull and exilerating that this girl can only take so much at a time, before she just goes out of her mind with all the pain and pleasure combined. She doesn't mean to push Master away, and it's his choice to continue play or not. When we first started this girl could hardly last fifteen minutes before begging for a break, so am lasting longer with each session. The gamut of emotions that go through this girl during play time are so many and so varied that sometimes it's just to much to take. She gets to the point where she just begs and pleads for an end even if she doesn't always really mean it. This girl wouldn't want to be a Domme as she knows how hard it would be to read a subs body to tell when they've really had enough, or are just begging for an end just to be begging. Being a Dom isn't just having a forcefull personility they have to really be able to read there sub and know them inside and out. To know when they've had enough or when even if there begging and pleading that they can take more. This girl is glad to be making this journey togather with her Master. Hopefully this girl won't dissapoint him to much on the way to learning.

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