Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm back!

Yes its me again. I know I haven't written in forever and my last post wasn't the most inspirational. Lately I just seem to be in low spirits and never up to the task of writing. Whenever things are going really good I'm just standing by waiting for it to die down again, becouse it always seems to. No I do not like being such a grump, and that is half the reason why I don't write. I do not want to write about weeks of no play time just to write about one really great day and then weeks of no play once more. It's depressing. I'm not unhappy with my life anymore things are going good, just still not great. I fell and hurt myself good and started my monthly all at once so that really made me feel great...not. I told everyone I fell off my bike, but truth was we were playing around. I jumped on the hood of the car and Master started forward jokingly. It would have been fine he was going real slow, but it was drizzling out and the hood was wet. I slipped off and slammed pretty hard to the ground luckily not rolling under the wheels or it would have been a lot worse. Mainly was just lots of nice road rash up my right side. Wasn't until the next night my neck hurt so badly I couldn't even lift it up off my pillow. Apparently sprains appear 24 to 48 hours after an injury. Master made me go to the ER becouse he didn't want to take a chance of a neck injury being overlooked. They gave me a tetanus shot that hurt worse then the sprain. I only took a few of the muscle relaxers and pain pills they gave me, becouse I hate pills and they made me so tired I wasn't getting anything done. I just want the pain and sleepiness gone so can get back into the swing of things. Tonight am feeling much better only a little muscle stiffness and of course lovely stomach cramps. O joy...groans.