Thursday, June 19, 2008

[ 40 days and 40 nights ] Trust Me - Dee Joy

This is one of the best love scenes ever. The movie shows a young man who's taking a vow of celibacy for forty days making love to his girlfriend without ever touching skin to skin. With just a flower as an extension of himself he brings her to orgasm. Watching this move today reminds me how lucky I am. My Master, husband, and lover is a T3 paraplegic. The T3 indicates how high up the spinal cord his injury was. He was millimeters from being a quadriplegic. His disability makes it very hard for him to get sexually excited. Yet every time we have sex he gives me the most mind numbing orgasms. I'm very lucky and sometimes I don't tell him that often enough, so I'm telling everyone right now. Master I love you now and forever, and hope to serve you faithfully. I know we have issues and sometimes I'm a bit of a brat, but I try not to be. I can only hope you feel as lucky to have me as I do you. I need you in my life more then I can ever say, becouse the words just aren't there when I search for them. All my love...
Master Ed's dark angel

Thoughts, opinions, thrown tomatos.. something people

Thoughts, opinions, thrown tomatos..something people magnify
In one of my groups they were discussing a Dom that has his sub find him play partners. Yet his girl has to be monogamous to him only, or I'm assuming whatever girl he is at the time would be fine too. We all know the type. What is up with someone that is so blind they can't see the issues with this? Its one thing if you can both have others, and they choose to live that type of life. Yet for one to play the field so to speak while keeping the other one in the closet pretty much till called upon to serve is disgusting to me. Can we say user? Unfortunately this is very common in our lifestyle. As much is we discuss it, write about it, and blog and yet still there's clueless subbies who fall for these wanna be Doms. In my book any Dom who would even ask this is a test of there subs dedication to them is an idiot. I do not think you have to be monogamous by any means, in fact I think there are a lot of good qualities about polygamy. What I believe is even if your in a polygamist relationship you should be faithful to those partners in the relationship with you. Every one should have a chance to to approve or disapprove any one brought into the relationship. Yes I have a big thing about casual sex. In this day and age of diseases and non caring you are not only putting your life at risk but your partners as well by having sex with someone you don't trust or know that much about. That to me is something a real Dominant wouldn't do. His job is to protect and care for his submissive in return for all that she gives him, and giving her some type of sexually transmitted disease would not be a good way to do this in my opinion. Is a moment's gratification worth a lifetime of regrets? Submissives please I can not stress enough if your Dominant doesn't respect, listen, and care for you then leave and find someone who does. You are more then worth it...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BDSM punishments for vaniilla annoyances

Have you ever seen a sub act up in a lifestyle themed event? Ever think maybe there is a reason for there golden behavior. They fear what will happen if they act up. Instant reaction would be had, and instant punishment swift and painful. Something that is missing in vanilla society. We can not even lift our fingers toward our children without someone screaming child abuse now a days. Crimes are up and no one sees the correlation between being able to correct our children and this spike in crime rates. Children are being raised with no consequences for there actions bad or good in most cases. If we were able to use the punishments used on us on those that annoy us in our daily lives maybe we'd have less occurrences. Just think the next time someone cuts you off in traffic if you could yank them out of there car throw them over there hood and give them a good old fashion ass whipping. I bet they would think twice about endangering lives next time there in a hurry. Or some idiot cashier short changes you thinking they can pocket the extra at the end of the night, or there just that stupid that they can't even read what a machine tells them, pull them into the bathroom cuff them to the stall and give them a few swats with the crop or cane till they promise to pay more attention in the future. I think America would thank us and criminals would think twice if they were facing a professional Dominatrix instead of just a jailer. Instead of sitting around eating good food and growing fat we could take the crime out of there hide one whipping at a time. An armed country is a happy country. Flicks my crop at all and wonders off to practice on the unruly paper boy who loves to get the paper in the bushes instead of the huge driveway just begging for a nice paper thrown on it...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I really have nothing to say. Sometimes you just have to rant. Why is it most guys can never ever admit they are wrong. As a female I know most of us have giving in and apologized for things that weren't our fault many a time to keep the peace. It would be nice to find a guy that isn't afraid to once in a while step back and say hey in order to keep the peace let her think she's right even if she isn't. I think at times it would be a miracle to find such a one though. Guys have to know more about every subject under the sun then you as well. Hell you could probably have a PhD in a subject and they would still try to tell you about it. It's just so much bullshit at times that the frustration builds up and overflows. As a submissive I get so angry at times then I get in trouble for attitude on top of what ever I was in trouble to start with. What the hell is up with that? You can't win for loosing at times. I just get angrier becouse I don't believe I had an attitude and it gets worse. This solves nothing and just takes us in circles till the whole thing is forgetting anyway. At least till the next little episode happens. What does it prove besides the problem isn't being solved? Now for me I'd dig deeper find an underlying cause to the problem and try to root it out at its source so the action wouldn't be repeated again. Of course I'm a female and a sub so what do I know right...growls.