Thursday, June 19, 2008

[ 40 days and 40 nights ] Trust Me - Dee Joy

This is one of the best love scenes ever. The movie shows a young man who's taking a vow of celibacy for forty days making love to his girlfriend without ever touching skin to skin. With just a flower as an extension of himself he brings her to orgasm. Watching this move today reminds me how lucky I am. My Master, husband, and lover is a T3 paraplegic. The T3 indicates how high up the spinal cord his injury was. He was millimeters from being a quadriplegic. His disability makes it very hard for him to get sexually excited. Yet every time we have sex he gives me the most mind numbing orgasms. I'm very lucky and sometimes I don't tell him that often enough, so I'm telling everyone right now. Master I love you now and forever, and hope to serve you faithfully. I know we have issues and sometimes I'm a bit of a brat, but I try not to be. I can only hope you feel as lucky to have me as I do you. I need you in my life more then I can ever say, becouse the words just aren't there when I search for them. All my love...
Master Ed's dark angel

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