Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I really have nothing to say. Sometimes you just have to rant. Why is it most guys can never ever admit they are wrong. As a female I know most of us have giving in and apologized for things that weren't our fault many a time to keep the peace. It would be nice to find a guy that isn't afraid to once in a while step back and say hey in order to keep the peace let her think she's right even if she isn't. I think at times it would be a miracle to find such a one though. Guys have to know more about every subject under the sun then you as well. Hell you could probably have a PhD in a subject and they would still try to tell you about it. It's just so much bullshit at times that the frustration builds up and overflows. As a submissive I get so angry at times then I get in trouble for attitude on top of what ever I was in trouble to start with. What the hell is up with that? You can't win for loosing at times. I just get angrier becouse I don't believe I had an attitude and it gets worse. This solves nothing and just takes us in circles till the whole thing is forgetting anyway. At least till the next little episode happens. What does it prove besides the problem isn't being solved? Now for me I'd dig deeper find an underlying cause to the problem and try to root it out at its source so the action wouldn't be repeated again. Of course I'm a female and a sub so what do I know right...growls.

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