Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thoughts, opinions, thrown tomatos.. something people

Thoughts, opinions, thrown tomatos..something people magnify
In one of my groups they were discussing a Dom that has his sub find him play partners. Yet his girl has to be monogamous to him only, or I'm assuming whatever girl he is at the time would be fine too. We all know the type. What is up with someone that is so blind they can't see the issues with this? Its one thing if you can both have others, and they choose to live that type of life. Yet for one to play the field so to speak while keeping the other one in the closet pretty much till called upon to serve is disgusting to me. Can we say user? Unfortunately this is very common in our lifestyle. As much is we discuss it, write about it, and blog and yet still there's clueless subbies who fall for these wanna be Doms. In my book any Dom who would even ask this is a test of there subs dedication to them is an idiot. I do not think you have to be monogamous by any means, in fact I think there are a lot of good qualities about polygamy. What I believe is even if your in a polygamist relationship you should be faithful to those partners in the relationship with you. Every one should have a chance to to approve or disapprove any one brought into the relationship. Yes I have a big thing about casual sex. In this day and age of diseases and non caring you are not only putting your life at risk but your partners as well by having sex with someone you don't trust or know that much about. That to me is something a real Dominant wouldn't do. His job is to protect and care for his submissive in return for all that she gives him, and giving her some type of sexually transmitted disease would not be a good way to do this in my opinion. Is a moment's gratification worth a lifetime of regrets? Submissives please I can not stress enough if your Dominant doesn't respect, listen, and care for you then leave and find someone who does. You are more then worth it...

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