Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random ramblings

Well I decided I was not going to Zoo day at the Woodshed this month. There was a variety of factors leading to the decision. One was I am so tired of begging rides there, having to leave before I'm ready too, and begging money. The other was the fact I am going to see my beloved Mistress in another week and if I go to Zoo day I know I'll want to play if opportunity presents itself. I do not want to show up at my Mistress's full of bruises. Thing is everyone has been bugging me to go. Jersey offered me a place to stay and said she was sure Sir Fleegle would take me up there and bring me back. Then Lyndsey who has not talked to me in months offered to come get me and let me spend the night with them. I called and Ed said he'd take me up to Orlando Saturday so I guess my mind has been changed for me. I will spend the night with Lyndsey and Sir Tim and they will bring me home Sunday. I have restarted exercising so am already sore from that. I swim daily and walk over an hour a day. Now if can just get a job I'll be doing good.