Saturday, March 31, 2007


This girl has the best Master in the world. He cleaned the whole kitchen for her yesterday, while she watched a movie. He refilled her water bottles for her. He always makes her something to eat if she asks. He also always folds the laundry a job this girl hates. Even when she wants to fold it at times he won't let her. She is lucky and doesn't know why at times she still balks and acts bad. Maybe she craves the discipline she gets for being bad. This girl should be on her knee's thanking him every day for all the things he does for her. He is the best husband/Master owner lover a girl could ever ask for. Maybe this girl doesn't say this enough, and if so she is sorry. He gives her such pleasure all the time, and when she asked for pain he became a Master at that as well to please her. There sessions are always so much fun, and just him touching this girl makes her so wet and ready that she can hardly wait to explode for him. She loves touching and licking him, and doesn't know why at times she is a brat about it. Please Master forgive this girl for all her faults, take her and mold her as you see fit, gag her and slap her for her attitude, and hopefully she will soon be a credit to you. My heart as yours for the taking Master, on my knee's I swear to serve and love you for always. Please let me serve you always....

Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday March 30, 2007

Hard to believe my love just grows more for my Master every day. Even though sometimes its still hard to express myself in person. Now our sessions are more about his pleasure then mine, and even though the adjustment is hard he deserves that. There are some things i'm still having a hard time with that he wants. This girl is working on them, she didn't think she'd have such a hard time with her stamina still. This girl gets tired quickly when she's the one doing the work instead of Master. Am trying to increase my stamina, but not sure how. Also was hoping we'd do more bondage, and try some new things but haven't. Love being Master's model for pics, but don't do that often either. Guess maybe we should try some role play, as Master wants me to be his hot little slut. This girl can't just get into that role easily. She has trouble saying nasty sexual things out loud, and still blushes scarlett and stammers when she tries. Maybe if they actually set up a role play scene maybe a prison guard and his prisoner it might work easer. To stay out of trouble this girl is trying to stay off yahoo(sorry to all my friends), yet now Master tells her she can talk to her friends. This is confusing to me, becouse if can't flirt and talk about sex there isn't a lot left to talk about. Have not earned a whipping for last two days so maybe this girl is getting better. Maybe Master is just being nice not sure which. Well which ever am glad of it. Master's little slut pet concubine lover wife slave Dark Angel forever....

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Still simmering

Well have had a day to think before writing this one. Got in huge trouble agian yesterday. This time for chatting on yahoo. Master says this girl knew she was going wrong, and they had discussed this. She wasn't cybering though, but she did share pictures of herself which Master doesn't approve of. He confronted her with the print out of her chat, like she'd delibertly done wrong. This girl isn't stupid if she'd truly thought she'd done wrong whe would not have left archiving on her yahoo for her Master to read her chat. She turned on archiving when she accepted him as her Master, and let him know it was on. Why would this girl do that if she thought she was doing wrong? Now she is not allowed to talk to any Doms or Dommes yet she wasn't talking to one anyway. The person she was actually talking to was a friend she'd known online for over a year. Before she took her Master's collar when this girl was still being ignored this guy she was talking with had been her cyber partner. She hadn't talked to him in months becouse she never gets up early anymore, just this one day she'd had trouble sleeping becouse of some worries and had got up extremaly early and just happened to catch her on. Yes she shared pics of her Master's handiwork, becouse she is proud of her Master and likes to show off. She knew she would probaly not see or talk to this guy agian after this one chat, since she does not get up anymore early when he is on, and she wanted to share pics for the last time. Master doesn't believe this girl when she told him she wasn't camming with this guy, and he was really angry. His anger and refusel to believe her hurt a hell of a lot worse then the whipping she got for her actions. This girl likes to flirt and tease online, she has never done so offline. Now Master doesn't believe this girl about other encounters either. The reason girl never came clean about these past encounters is becouse they didn't mean a thing to her, and the only reason they happened at all was becouse she was being pushed away. The one that got her into this lifestyle she talked to him mainly online she actually met him twice in public places and gave him a blow job once in his car that was it. No she never told her Master becouse she didn't want to hurt him. Even when she left for a week to go meet a couple in another city she did not have sex. She gave him a bj once, and that was it. She spent the whole week she was away helping them clean and organize. The only person she cheated on her husband with since they'd been married was John and he knew about that. Yes it was a mistake and she never wanted to truly leave, which is why John didn't last long. He wanted this girl to move in with him and she refused still hoping her husband would relize they had problems wake up and work with her on solving them. He doesn't want this girl to share her pics, yet he doesn't share them either. Maybe he is ashamed of this girl that he doesn't want others to see the prove of his love and dovetion to her? He never writes comments on this girls blogs so she doesn't know what he thinks of the things she says. Same thing when she sends him personilized poems she has written for him so she doesn't know what he thinks. She will miss all her friends online immensanly as they kept her sane, and provided her with hours of entertainment, but if Master is that insecure he feels he can't trust this girl guess she can not talk to them anymore. After her punishment this girl serously thought about harming herself. If Master can't accept her for who she is, what is left for her? Yes was momentary weakness, but she was very upset and angry. This girl understands his reasoning, but she truly loves to talk to others and make others feel good. If someone actually enjoys this girls company she is honoured and always glad to talk with them. Well guess none of what this girl says matters. Master's word is law so guess she will find other ways to occupy the time she once spent talking with her friends. She was punished so it's over and done with. This girl has to accept that and let it go even if it is hard to do....she never meant to hurt Master's feelings and that is all she is truly sorry for.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In trouble agian....sigh

This girl thought that Master trusted her and even wrote that the other day, but she was wrong. Now she's in trouble agian and having trouble understanding the reasoning, becouse it was all a misunderstanding. Yesterday Master came and saw girl typing in yahoo. All he saw was the reply someone had sent her that said dance? He did not see that she has just sent the smily face figure dancing to the person, and he didn't want to hear her explanation. He just told her stay off yahoo. Well Girl went back in under invisable, just to explain that she was banned for the evening and wouldn't be back on. Now Master is really angry, becouse she disobeyed even though she felt she was just being polite. Now this girl is just waiting for the punishment she knows is coming, but she doesn't feel it's earned. Its Master's right to do as he wishes, but she just wants it explained exactly what she did wrong. Yes this girl knows she should not have logged back in if even for a second and she accepts the wrong doing in that, but Master should know her well enough to know that she could never just log off while talking to a friend with no explanation. Its rude and annoying and she wouldn't want someone doing so to her. She wishes Master would trust her more. Maybe he feels need to have a tighter controll, but he could have had girl servicing him or sitting at his feet. He knew girl was online, and when she is online she has friends she talks to. Well it's noone's fault but this girls, so she will take what he gives and not argue or whine though she so wants too. This girl admits she does flirt and tease online, but she loves her Master and would never willingly hurt him. If her actions caused him hurt in this instance she is so very sorry. This girl should be on her knee's begging forgiveness, yet pride is hard to swollow. Pride vs. servitude well guess servitude wins. This girl gave her life to her Master and agreed to obey so even if she doesn't agree with him in this instance he is Master so what he says goes. Swollows pride and goes to beg for forgiveness, and hope the kiss of the whip is not to harsh today.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My story

Well hard to go over the last day. Master has been insatiable. We played three times last night alone. Several times earler in the day. The rougher it was the more Master liked it. He tried bondage, Shabari, and aphyxation and he loved it all. Truthfully this girl didn't mind it much herself though not to fond of face slapping. One time this girl climbed on him and lowered herself backwards on his manhood. She rode him this way for some time while he spanked her ass. Master made this girl take her biggest dildo in her ass for a quick few. Hopefully soon she will stretch so won't hurt so bad. She wants to please her Master and be able to take whatever he wishes her too. We played till amost one am last night was back up playing at 3 am and agian at 8 am so am very tired today. Master tied up girls tits and slapped and sucked them. We cuddled and talked for a while as well , which was very nice. Of course girl got whip for mouthiness as always. Master does not like it when this girl puts herself down, which she sometimes does without thinking. Master told girl how proud he was of her, and her ability to take whatever he tries. This girl is honoured and proud to belong to him, and hope she can keep growing and learning to please him. Yesterday this girl also talked to a Domme that is interested in her online. She turned on cam for a few and Domme complimented her which made this girl very proud. This girl hopes she can talk to this Mistress agian soon. This girl is glad her Master trusts her enough to share her with others, and she wishes to show what a good Master her Master is with her actions and attitude. Talking online with the Mistress she asked this girl lots of personal questions and made this girl think hard about why she is what she is. This girl has always been super submissive even before she knew what it meant to be submissive. Growing up the youngest of four she always cleaned up after her siblings, and cooked and cleaned around the house. This was not something she was made to do she just felt like doing so, and it made her feel good when she was complemented for it even if that wasn't often. As to the BDSM aspect this girl found her first porn book in her sisters room when she was ten. The book opened a new door for her. That is when this girl learned the pleasures of masterbation and self touching. Growing up a military brat her family never stayed in one place more then three years at most, so she wasn't good at making or keeping friends. They didn't have the internet and im's then which probaly make it so much easer for kids today that move a lot to stay in touch. When this girl got her first boyfriend it was so very normal relationship, but after him she found an older guy that bossed her around. When they were out to togather he would talk to other girls even when this girl was with him. He sometimes pulled off the road and made this girl get on her knee's and give him blowjobs. At the time this girl didn't like that at all, nor did she like being forced or the humilation he dished out. Least she thought she didn't, yet she kept going back to him. When she found her Master that she is with now they weren't togather long when this girl got pregnant. When the baby came she was very sick and they spent a long 6 years in and out of hospitals with there daughter. Soon they were living two seperate lifes and since both worked diffrent times. As happens in cases like this there sexual relations where put to the side. Soon they might play once a month if lucky. It got to where girl felt they were not spending any personal time togather at all. She felt lonely, and frustrated. She felt like he didn't know this girl her thoughts, feelings, or dreams at all. She felt like he was taking advantage of her and just thought she would always be around for him to use when he wants only. This girl admits if any guy had complemented her she probaly would have jumped in his bed at this time. After there daughter went into remission they moved back closer to family. Still there was something this girl just felt was missing in there relationship. She wanted sex all the time and it seemed he never wanted it. She felt like he didn't even see her as an object of desire and that hurt. This girl admits she made mistakes and started looking on the net for the companionship she was missing. She cammed with others online, and hurt her Master very much yet still they didn't communicate or try to get to bottom of problem so it got worse. Soon in her meanderings online she wondered into a BDSM chat room, and this girl was hooked. She wanted to be online Dommed and went searching for someone.She found other subs online and they teased and tittilated each other with there naked pictures. That's when this girl discovered she really liked girls and wouldn't mind sleeping with one at all. When her Master finaly relized he was close to loosing this girl they finaly had a heart to heart. He said if Domination was what this girl wanted he would be the only one that would Dominate her. Truly this girl didn't think it would work with the gulf that had been build up between them over the years. She didn't feel she could trust him not to hurt her or push her away agian like he had before, but she didn't want to loose him so said she would try it. At first he was more gentle and always afraid of hurting this girl. He would ask her what she wanted, which this girl was never able to articulate. She wanted him to Dom her and make him do as he wanted. It was not easy but when he went out and got this girl her dog tags with her slave number on it this girl started to open up more. She started to send her Master information on the lifestyle and he started learning more. Now everything as is it should be. He is in charge and there both secure enough in there love for each other, that he is not threatened when this girl looks at someone else or wants to play. Noone could take this girls Master's place in her heart no matter who she plays with. He is in charge always. He has now admitted he always wanted to force this girl to do his bidding, and to be his sex slave as well. He has a firm hold on this girls heart as well as her leash, and this girl will never stray from her Master 's side without his permission. To any in the lifestyle she talked to before, and may have inadvertanly obeyed online she is sorry if she hurt them or made promises which she never intended to keep. She truly is happiest here by her Master, and never wished to leave she just wanted him to see her for what and who she was which he now has.She is his pet, his love, his heart, his whore, his slave for now and all eternity and is proud to let all know it.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday March 26, 2007

Girl was begging her Master to let her cam and he finaly said yes. She sat in front of the computer naked scared maybe her friend wouldn't think she was sexy. Typing to her friend she said do you want to see me? The yes came back quickly. Turning on cam girl waited for reaction as her huge breasts came into focas. She relaxed a bit as her friend typed nice. What else would you like to see? she typed to her friend. Everything was the reply. So got up and moved chair so she could see all of me. She asked me to turn around so she could see my ass, and Master got me with the whip as I did. She liked that, and asked to see agian. Finaly convinced her to take off her shirt too. Very very nice. (Drooling) Big firm breasts that looked very lickable. Seeing her made me very wet but she was moving slowly so went with it. Finaly asked her if she wanted to watch me play? She typed yes, so got out my clear dildo and slid it home in my wet snatch. It slid all the way to the hilt as this girl was already so wet and ready looking at her friends luscous body. Master was in other room and asked what girl was doing. He wasn't happy, becouse girl had forgot to ask permission to play with herself. Quickly apoligizing and thanking friend for a good time girl got off computer. Crawling to Master she begged his forgiveness but he was angry. Getting the whip girl handed it to him. Kneeling down she accepted four hard whacks to the back. Then Master hugged her and explained that she had to ask permission next time. Sitting at Master's feet they watched some soft porn togather. No play at bed time, becouse both were tired. Next morning though Master woke girl up playing with her breasts. Girl made stupid statement that Master hadn't tied her legs up in a while, before she could say anything she was handcuffed to bed post and her legs were pulled apart and tied above her head to the bedpost. Master then got out the clothespins. Girl knew she was in trouble but tried to be good to please Master. He put three on each nipple, till she was squirming and fighting not to plead for them to be taking off. Then he grabbed her butt plug and shoved it in. She did scream out at this. He then took her rubber dildo and shoved it in her free hole. Forcing both in and our while girl quivered and cried. Finaly he removed plug much to this girls relieve. She begged him to use his fingers in her holes and he did for quiet a while. She screamed and begged for more, and came agian and agian when he spanked her as well. She finaly begged for mercy and no more, to which the paper clips got put on her pussy lips instead and he continued plundering her at same time. Pulling and sucking her sore stretched nipples. All the pleasure and pain combined finaly made girl buck and thrash crying for release, and Master let her loose at last. Sore but happy they snuggled for a bit, but then he got out paddle and spanked her ass hard for her whining during play. Finaly releasing her she went to shower and the spray felt so good yet so painfull on her sensitive skin. Cascading down causing welts to flare up briefly with a sharp shooting pain. Finaly clean and relaxed girl knelt before Master and thanked him for play time and requested the ability to wear clothes today. He allowed her to dress in all but bra, and said girl could get on computer..yea. Can't wait to cam with friend and play some more.....

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday March 25, 2007

Well last night was certianly fun. Every time we play Master takes me to prevously unexplored hieghts and last night was no exception. First he had me get on my hands and knee's before him, and he used the whip on my back and buttocks. Then he brought out the wooden dowel. He got a few more licks in the back and had me turn over and stand up so he could get my breast and pussy with it. By the time he was done I was so wet and ready it was unbelaivable. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me on the bed and without warning stuck his thumb in my ass and two fingers deep in my pussy. He fucked me hard for hours. When his hand got tired he grabbed a few toys and used those instead. He went so deep I thought I was going to split in half, and at the same time he was pulling and sucking my tits like crazy. When I came it was so fantastic. I swear I saw stars. He spanked my ass with his hands a few times, and I came even harder. I was so exhausted by the time he finaly let me have a rest it wasn't funny. I love my life.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday morning

I'm a 35 year old slave to my Master and husband Ed. Is the life easy no not always, but it works for us. Most peaple would not want this lifestyle, but there are more of us out there then I ever imagined when I started learning about BDSM and reading all I could. There are so many that the vanilla peaple would be amazed. If all the peaple interested in the lifestyle got togather and tried to get something done this girl doesn't think anything could stop them. It's a shame that so many still feel they have to hide there feelings and desires for the few that don't understand and think it's wrong or dirty. This morning Master was in a mood and we played for quiet a while before this girl got up for the day. I'll be pleasently sore all day that's for sure. He didn't allow this girl to wear any underclothes today, so this girl feels akward yet strangly aroused every time her jeans brush agianst her naked sex. Some times I wonder if it's wrong me taking orders from my husband, but this is how I want it so how can it be wrong. I strongly believe he is the man and should be in charge. Maybe i'm from a diffrent era, where the men were in controll and the female all submissives. Actually that time wasn't to long ago, and why is it wrong some of us still feel that way today? Maybe it's just stimulating to me. Who doesn't want a strong Dominant male that actually takes charge, and keeps them safe? Holliwood thrives on movies following that same theme. Either way this is my life and i'll live it the way I see fit, or is my Master wishes me to.