Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday morning

I'm a 35 year old slave to my Master and husband Ed. Is the life easy no not always, but it works for us. Most peaple would not want this lifestyle, but there are more of us out there then I ever imagined when I started learning about BDSM and reading all I could. There are so many that the vanilla peaple would be amazed. If all the peaple interested in the lifestyle got togather and tried to get something done this girl doesn't think anything could stop them. It's a shame that so many still feel they have to hide there feelings and desires for the few that don't understand and think it's wrong or dirty. This morning Master was in a mood and we played for quiet a while before this girl got up for the day. I'll be pleasently sore all day that's for sure. He didn't allow this girl to wear any underclothes today, so this girl feels akward yet strangly aroused every time her jeans brush agianst her naked sex. Some times I wonder if it's wrong me taking orders from my husband, but this is how I want it so how can it be wrong. I strongly believe he is the man and should be in charge. Maybe i'm from a diffrent era, where the men were in controll and the female all submissives. Actually that time wasn't to long ago, and why is it wrong some of us still feel that way today? Maybe it's just stimulating to me. Who doesn't want a strong Dominant male that actually takes charge, and keeps them safe? Holliwood thrives on movies following that same theme. Either way this is my life and i'll live it the way I see fit, or is my Master wishes me to.

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