Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday March 25, 2007

Well last night was certianly fun. Every time we play Master takes me to prevously unexplored hieghts and last night was no exception. First he had me get on my hands and knee's before him, and he used the whip on my back and buttocks. Then he brought out the wooden dowel. He got a few more licks in the back and had me turn over and stand up so he could get my breast and pussy with it. By the time he was done I was so wet and ready it was unbelaivable. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me on the bed and without warning stuck his thumb in my ass and two fingers deep in my pussy. He fucked me hard for hours. When his hand got tired he grabbed a few toys and used those instead. He went so deep I thought I was going to split in half, and at the same time he was pulling and sucking my tits like crazy. When I came it was so fantastic. I swear I saw stars. He spanked my ass with his hands a few times, and I came even harder. I was so exhausted by the time he finaly let me have a rest it wasn't funny. I love my life.

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