Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In trouble agian....sigh

This girl thought that Master trusted her and even wrote that the other day, but she was wrong. Now she's in trouble agian and having trouble understanding the reasoning, becouse it was all a misunderstanding. Yesterday Master came and saw girl typing in yahoo. All he saw was the reply someone had sent her that said dance? He did not see that she has just sent the smily face figure dancing to the person, and he didn't want to hear her explanation. He just told her stay off yahoo. Well Girl went back in under invisable, just to explain that she was banned for the evening and wouldn't be back on. Now Master is really angry, becouse she disobeyed even though she felt she was just being polite. Now this girl is just waiting for the punishment she knows is coming, but she doesn't feel it's earned. Its Master's right to do as he wishes, but she just wants it explained exactly what she did wrong. Yes this girl knows she should not have logged back in if even for a second and she accepts the wrong doing in that, but Master should know her well enough to know that she could never just log off while talking to a friend with no explanation. Its rude and annoying and she wouldn't want someone doing so to her. She wishes Master would trust her more. Maybe he feels need to have a tighter controll, but he could have had girl servicing him or sitting at his feet. He knew girl was online, and when she is online she has friends she talks to. Well it's noone's fault but this girls, so she will take what he gives and not argue or whine though she so wants too. This girl admits she does flirt and tease online, but she loves her Master and would never willingly hurt him. If her actions caused him hurt in this instance she is so very sorry. This girl should be on her knee's begging forgiveness, yet pride is hard to swollow. Pride vs. servitude well guess servitude wins. This girl gave her life to her Master and agreed to obey so even if she doesn't agree with him in this instance he is Master so what he says goes. Swollows pride and goes to beg for forgiveness, and hope the kiss of the whip is not to harsh today.

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