Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April 18, 2007

Well this girl did it agian. Had another leat night, becouse had to wait for niece to come get her baby agian. Hopefully won't have to watch her tonight. I love my great niece to death, but she's so hyper active she wears this girl out. Yesterday wasn't as bad is usually, becouse the child was running a high fever all day. Hate when they bring her to us sick and then lie and say she isn't. The childs skin was burning up, I know right away she was sick. Well when finaly got to bed after eleven Master immeidiatly started to play. This girl wasn't really in the mood, as she was tired and ready for bed. When this girl isn't in the mood it's just really hard to even pretend to be. While playing still feels good it's not the extrodinary feeling it is when girl is in the mood. Well this girl started begging Master do to as she wanted, instead of letting him do as he so desires. Play time was over like that and this girl had to write this girl will not tell Master what to do one hundredd times. Been so long since this girl has wrote anything freehand instead of using the computer forgot how much your wrist can hurt from writing. Wrote this poem that's shown below after. When went to take Master her writing assignment this morning Master stripped girl and fucked her good. His hands and teeth were everywhere and it felt so damn good. This gilr squirted so hard, she could feel it drippling down her ass crack. Master is the best, and this girl is lucky to be able to serve him. When Master got up he saw the cleaning this girl had done and was very pleased. Even daughter is being good so far today. She's taking tests in school and says she will probaly be done before everyone. She thinks it's easy which is a good thing. She has done everything she's asked lately without having to get on her case, though still not rinsing dishes she uses. Guess can't have everything. Hope veryone elses Hump day is as good is mine is turning out to be.
Submissivly yours,
Master Ed's dark angel

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