Thursday, April 5, 2007

Feeling good

Feeling much better today...yea. Well except becouse i'm feeling better keep getting slapped for smart ass mouth, but that's par for the We played a little this afternoon, or more like Master groped a feel while the house was still empty. We have a school dinner tonight to go to, but no school tomorrow so am sure will play tonight, and maybe tomorrow morning too. Yippeee...oh yea Master gave me those two lashes of the whip i'd earned weeks ago. I'd forgotting about them, but he hadn't. Dang it. Then earned a harder one across the ass cheeks, becouse this girl smiled at the little licks she got. Master was being kind since girl was sick, but it just Master had gorgous long hair becouse he hardly ever gets it cut, so he went and shaved it all off today. Sigh. Can't play with it at night anymore. Wahhhh...then he suggestes this girl get her hair cut off. Hair i'd spent the last several years growing for Master..gasp. Covers head protectivly. No way jose. Maybe Britney Spears and Senead O'Conner can get away with bald heads, don't think this red haired irish girl would look good like that. Well have to go finish cooking brownies and ham(not togather) for the school dinner. O' joy so have a great day one and all.

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