Sunday, April 1, 2007

These are rules my Master sent to me today. This girl is confused and not to happy at this point. She didn't think they needed said rules and thought they were doing well togather. Some of these rules will be very hard to follow as there daily life doesn't allow all the freedom one would wish for. Also no where does these rules lists slaves rights, while it is true slaves have no rights ,but what there Master gives them. They should have the right to question even if the answer isn't always to there liking. They should have the right to there Master's love. They should have the right of there Master's protection at all times. Since truly there is no real slavery in this day and age at least not known about, there should be mutual benefit to someone willing to give there whole heart, life, and love to someone in such a manner. This girl actually likes sitting at her Master's feet, but sometimes health issues interfere and it's just more comftable for her to sit on the couch for a while, and the bit about asking permission to use the restroom. This girl loves her Master dearly, but that is going to far. She has not requested permission to use the urinal since first grade, and since quite often she waits to the last moment having to ask permission could cause ambarrasment for her. If Master truly wants an automaton instead of a human maybe he should buy a slave from some foriegn country. This girl has said she would obey her Master, and she will keep her word, but truly do not agree to these rules. Also usually do ask to get up from bed, but sometimes he is asleep and she doesn't wish to wake him. These rules make it sound like Master truly wishes to break this girls heart and spirit. This girl hopes that is not the case, becouse she thought that was what attracted him to her in the first place.


The slave number 377-107-590 herein after referred to as “slave”, submits, of her own free will, to Master Ed, hereinafter referred to as “MASTER”, and agrees to the following rulers and conditions.

  1. I am a slave and the owned property of my MASTER.
  2. I agree to be trained in any manner my MASTER wishes.
  3. I agree and will submit to any discipline or punishment my MASTER sees fit. This might include, but is not limited to: Punishment strokes, delivered in any manner my MASTER chooses; Prolonged bondage or gagging in any manner my MASTER chooses; Being forced to sleep on the floor, in chains or bondage as my MASTER sees fit; Confinement in a cage, cell or locked box; Deprivation of food or sleep; Assignment and completion of punishment tasks; Humiliation.
  4. I agree to put on, wear, or take off any article of clothing or instrument of bondage, at any time, at the command of my MASTER.
  5. I agree to be marked (using a temporary means of marking) or shaved in whatever manner and at whatever time my MASTER sees fit.
  6. I will not sit, lie on or use the furniture without the expressed permission of the MASTER.
  7. I will not go to the bathroom without permission from my MASTER.
  8. I will keep myself clean at all times.
  9. I will not get into or out of bed without my Master’s permission.
  10. I will not eat or drink without the permission of my MASTER.
  11. I shall never embarrass my MASTER in any way.
  12. My manner and tone will be that of a slave at all times and will reflect deference to my MASTER at all times.
  13. I will not act defensively when questioned by my MASTER.
  14. I will never interrupt my MASTER.
  15. I will lose weight or be developed by working out to suit my MASTER.
  16. I will always serve the MASTER in a kneeling position, eyes downward, and holding the position until released by my MASTER.
  17. I will tell the truth at all times.
  18. The slave may not seek any other master or lover or relate to others in any sexual or submissive way without the master's permission.
  19. I will concentrate on serving you and your needs before I consider my own.
  20. I will make myself available to you for any use you have at any time of the day or night.
  21. I will concentrate on your happiness at all times.
  22. I will consider that any pleasure I am given to enjoy is a privilege, not a right.
  23. I will remember at all times You are more important than any other activity I may be engaged in and that I shall change whatever activity I am involved in as you direct.
  24. At any time that you command, I shall sit, stand, walk, kneel, and lay where, when and how Master desires.

  1. The slave agrees that the Master is entitled to, but not limited to:
    1. Confine
    2. Gag
    3. Chain
    4. Whip
    5. Beat
    6. Torture
    7. Abuse
    8. Pierce
    9. Tattoo
  2. I am allowed to chat at the discretion of Master. I am aware that chat is a privilege or reward and can be revoked at anytime and kept from me as long as Master says. Chat is defined as any type of conversation in YAHOO, AOL, MSN, ICQ or any type of website chat such as MYDUNGEON SPACE, MYSPACE, CHERRYTAP, BDSM LIBRARY or any other websites that have a chat function.
  3. As chatting is a privilege there is certain rule's that must be followed or the privilege will be taken away for as long as Master see’s fit. The rules are as follows and MUST be followed to the letter.
    1. No camming (unless permission is granted prior).
    2. No pictures to be sent. A website with pictures that you may share with chat friends has been set up and will be updated with different and more explicit pictures as Master sees fit.
    3. Cybering is allowed and encouraged with either female or males. Dom’s are not allowed to dominate you without Master first checking them out.
    4. Archiving is to be turned on at all times and nothing is erased. If a chat is erased and Master finds out, chat will be discontinued and severe punishment will happen.
    5. No talking of meeting others outside of “cyberspace” is to be discussed or even said on the side of the slave. If chat partner tries to start this conversation slave is too have it stopped immediately and if it continues to tell Master and that person will be blocked and no further communication is allowed, i.e. email, chat, comments on websites, telephone calls, telegraphs, letters, etc.
    6. If chatting becomes a problem the following punishments will be given:

i. 1st offense: 1 day loss of chat

ii. 2nd offense: 2 days loss of chat and 1 whip

iii. 3rd offense: All passwords are changed to discretion of Master and all websites have to be logged on and approved by Master.

iv. 4th offense: A program such as net nanny will be installed on computer and websites only approved by me will be able to be gotten to.

Slave agrees to all the above. Rules and regulations will be changed at the discretion of Master only.

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