Saturday, April 28, 2007

sexy saturday

Well day got off to a very bad start actually. This girl woke up nips weren't hurting at last, and she was ready to play. Master though still isn't sleeping well and wasn't ready to play so told girl to go take a bath. Well this girl doesn't take rejection well so stormed off to take bath and didn't return for hours. Finaly came back to get Master's clothes and don't know what went wrong from there. Master said this girl was being disrespectfull and needed the whip. Some reason this girl just couldn't face the whip today and refused to step foot in room. Now since Master was on bed and not in his chair he couldn't reach girl. He told her she'd better get down and take punishment she refused. Finaly he took her tag away, and siad she wasn't good enough to wear it. This really hurt as her dog tags mean a lot to her. She left room unhappy Master stayed in room unhappy, and wasn't a good situation. This girl does what she usually does when unhappy. She wrote Master a note trying to explain her feelings. This girl doesn't like being whipped, and if she's going to be whipped just feels it aught to be for a good reason. Sometimes Master says she glares when she doesn't mean to, and sometimes there is a reason behind her attitide and it would be better to find reason then just to unreasonably punish girl for being human and showing her feelings. Well after Master read letter he called girl to him. They hugged and made up. Laster in afternoon they had some make up sex which is the best, and the day improved from then on. This girl is truly sorry for the fight. She trusts and loves her Master, and doesn't try to dissapoint him on purpose. She just truly feels the whip should be for serous infractions only. Maybe Master can find other punishments for less serous infractions. Standing in a corner or whatever. Am sure Master truly doesn't wish girl to be scared to come and talk to him, becouse of the whip. Well she had no computer most of the day as well for punishment. Am glad it's over now, and Master gave girl back her tags. It's not easy being a Master with one such as me. Love you always Sir. Submissivly yours, Master Ed's dark angel

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