Monday, April 2, 2007

Monday April 2, 2007

Well Master and me played for a bit last night, and this girl was more then happy. Master wasn't as happy though and went to bed depressed. Wee Willy didn't want to play agian, and that didn't make Master happy. He told me wasn't my fault and he didn't mean for me to feel bad, but his moods do directly effect my moods. So this girl went to bed depressed upset even though they'd just had a long play session, and she'd been very fulfilled. This morning woke Master up kissing and sucking his body and we played for a bit. Then had long relaxing bath. Wanted to go back and play some more before Master got up, but of course life got in the way and never had time too. Hopefully some time today will have time for for a quick session before having to get daughter from school. Though my mother wants me to go shopping with her so probaly won't happen more's the pity. Ah well will take what time we can get, and make the most of it. I'm with my Master almost every second of the day and that's more then most get. If we don't get all the quility play time we'd like, what we do get is more precous to us. Thanks for tuning in to me today. Have a great week.

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