Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday April 10, 2007

Master was feeling better today, didn't really mean well for me. Lol. Had one strike of the whip last night, but he's saving some for another day. Not even sure how many I'm owed now for my mouthiness. Unfortunitly Master never forgets. He's worse then an elephant. Got slapped quiet a few times today, for the same thing. Some reason my mouth opens before my brain has time to say hey stupid that's going to get you slapped. Also got pinched and fondled quiet a bit today, so Master was really feeling better which i'm glad for. Had the baby for most of the evening while my great niece worked, so am worn out tonight. Just want to go cuddle next to Masters chest for a bit and get some sleep. Well while there might want to rub his nipples, and then maybe suck for a bit. Hmmmm, not conducive to good sleep though, becouse then he'll want to play and I know he's tired too tonight. It's just been one of those hectic as all get out months. Haven't had much time to play this month, least not real tie me down, and whip me all out hours long sessions kind of play. Hopefully will have time soon. By the time get the house cleaned up from watching my great niece today, she'll probaly be back tomorrow. I'm to old to deal with little one's....lol. Least not hyper active little one's that refuse to give up the ghost and sleep even though there so tired they can't even walk straight anymore. Had a little bit of romantic time with Master today, so it's been a pretty good day all and all. Got to ambarass our daughter at Sonny's becouse we were kissing in public. Ewww that's so nasty can't you guys get a room.....rofl. Obvously were demented becouse after your married and have been togather for years, your still not supposed to actually touch and kiss your spouse anymore. Specially not in public. What would she say if she saw what went on behind closed bedroom doors? She'd probaly really go ballistic...lol. Well I love my Master and don't care who know's it, or see's me snogging on him in public. Hope everyone else had a fantastic Tuesday as well. Till next time be seeing you.

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