Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday fun day

This girl was being naughty in chat. She was a bit hyper and it showed. Running around and cyber kissing and groping everyone. Wanting to play for real she logged off and went to Master’s computer room. Sitting on his lap she logged back in to say goodnight to one and all. Obviously Master was in a playful mood as well. Before girl had even said good night her boobs where hanging out of her shirt, and he reached down and ripped her underwear almost all the way off. Horribly misspelling girl barely managed to say goodbye and vanish from room. Going to room she threw herself on bed still dressed to have Master roll in right behind her with an evil gleam in his eye. Throwing himself on bed as well, he reached down beside his bed and came up with a wicked looking huge black survival knife. Placing it at her neck he told her to take off her top and quickly. She hurriedly complied as the blade pricked her skin sending shivers through her. He ran the wicked blade down her chest and around her nipples, while she moaned as the edge barely dug in her skin raising little welts in its path. Bringing it back to her throat he told her to take off her pants yet not to move too much or he might accidentally draw blood. Slowly with just one hand she slipped her jeans over her hips and down her legs, till she could kick them off. Good girl he told her approvingly as he leaned down to kiss her deeply. Grabbing the remnants of her underwear he took the knife and cut them off her body. Taking her choke chain and leash from his bedside drawer he placed them on her. Leaning over he took her breast in his mouth sucking hard. When she moaned loudly he pulled the chain till she got quiet with the collar cutting into her windpipe. Leaning down he took her biggest dildo and shoved it deep in her wet pussy. She pulled back a little at the intrusion, but only momentary as the collar once again tightened on her throat. Staying still and silent as her Master used her body as he pleased. Grabbing her hair he yanked her to him, and they kissed deeply and passionately. Taking her breasts in his mouth he sucked and bit the nipple as he dropped the dildo and stuck two fingers deep in her cunt. She cried out and pleasure and writhed against his chest. His thumb stroked her clit, even as he continued plundering her silken depths. He whispered in her ear to cum, and she did shuddering as her warm fluid dripped over his fingers. He smiled before tugging her leash and pulling her to him once again. He held her close for a few minutes stroking her back till her quivering climax stopped. Turning her over on to her stomach he directed her to her hands and knees. Grabbing the leather sheath his survival knife had been in he spanked her ass cheeks till they were red and throbbing. Anytime she’d cry out to loudly he’d pull the leash, and she’d immediately quiet down like a good girl. When he was done he held her still like that while he ran his large warm hands over her red throbbing bottom. His touch bringing relief and a deep hunger in her, she pushed back against his hand wantonly with her ass. Till he spread her ass cheeks and entered her roughly. Dropping her leash he grabbed her tits and pulled her nipples in time to each deep thrust of his hips. Without his hand on her leash she moaned loudly throwing back her head in enjoyment. He grabbed her hair and yanked it hard adding to the incredible sensations she was feeling. Pain and pleasure combined and cascaded over her body till once again she was screaming in ecstasy as she came hard her juices flowing down her inner thighs, as his spurted deep inside her sending warmth flooding through her body. Collapsing to the side he pulled her over on top of him and held her close as there heartbeats slowly calmed and returned to normal. Running his hand down her long red hair, he told her what a good slut she was. Thank you Master she murmured sleepily as she lay on his chest. Happy to be his slave, and plaything always.

Ok this girl has a bit of overactive imagination. Of course this is all true except the part apart anal penetration. as most know my husband is a t3 paraplegic so this would be very hard to accomplish. We use mainly toys for penetration or this girl rides him. When writing this girl writes what she really feels happen as sometimes she is blindfolded her unable to see what Master does while she is shackled to bed posts. This was last night today this girl wasn't so good. Everytime Master asked her to do something she sighed. No reason for it she was just tired and didn't feel like moving, but it was uncalled for and she is sorry for it.

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