Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sick not fun

Well my sister's family all had a 48 hour flu virus and they decided to share the fun. My daughter was puking her guts out all weekend. Now my stomach feels like someone is tap dancing inside it. Master yelled at this girl last night, and not sure why. Think he was just hoping for some playtime and this girl was dead to the world by eight pm. This morning he gave her a hug, so hopefully not mad anymore. Still feeling very sick though and basicaly just want to lay around and do nothing. Have other things that need to be done today unfortunitly. Plus my teen is driving me nuts today. Took her to school early today so she promptly got on school's computers and started emailing me on myspace, and bugging me on yahoo chat. Luckily past nine now, so she actually had to go do school stuff and leave me alone at least till after school. Hope everyone else is having a better week then me.

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Master Ed said...

You will feel better soon my pet...But Hell will pay (or you) if you get me sick :)