Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday funday

Well this girl and her Master have played so much that each session is now becoming hard to remember so have did the best I can, but probaly have several sessions mixed into one. We went to the mall and window shopped for a while. Had the camara and Master and our daughter played around with silly glasses and hats while this girl took pictures. Had some chinise food, and in general had a very good time. Our bond grows deeper with each passing day as it should be. Master bought this girl a choker and leash, can't wait to wear it for him. Here is play session but is said probaly not very accurate as we've played so much that it's hard to remember exact detials anymore. Plus our play is so intense its very hard to describe. Hope this girl does it justice. Will also post a pic with a poem that this girl wrote for Master this morning to thank him for giving her such incredible pleasure last night hope all enjoys...

Bedtime girl! Master bellowed from the bedroom.

Quickly she closed out down her computer finishes straightening up and headed to the room. When she came in Master was naked with a wicked grin on his face waiting for her. She smiled happily and quickly got undressed. Climbing in bed next to him she leaned over and starting licking and sucking his neck and ear. He pulled her on top of him so her thighs straddled him. He looked up at her full inviting breasts swaying as she rubbed his chest.

Raise your hands up girl, he commanded her.

Looking puzzled she hurriedly complied. Grabbing a length of bright yellow rope from beside the bed he quickly measured it and proceeded to wrap it around both her breasts tightly. Binding it behind her back and around her breasts till they both were huge round globes just begging to be licked and sucked. Reaching up he did so flicking his tongue on her nipple while she moaned above him.

You like that girl? He asked her.

Yes Master she moaned lustfully.

Suck me whore, he commanded her.

Quickly she turned around and leaned down to start sucking and licking his raising erection. Her warm lips pulled strongly on his penis, as he raked his nails down her back. She hissed and arched her back, but kept sucking. Watching her pert ass raise and fall with her sucking he stuck his thumb and index finger deep in her anus. She moaned and sucked faster as his finger moved in and out of her sending shock waves of pleasure through her. Grabbing the rope harness on her back he yanked her back toward him.

Ride me girl, he told her.

As she started to turn around he said no just like you are.

Yes Master she answered.

Moving forward a bit she lowered her wet waiting cunt on his hard thick erection. Lowering herself on him moaning as he filled her up with his length.

Faster girl he growled.

Grabbing his crop he spanked her ass as she sped up the motion of her hips and moved faster up and down. He grabbed her hips and thrust herself hard up and down on his thighs. Soon they were both bathed in sweat, as she panted above him.

Turn around, he told her.

Swiftly she complied still fucking him hard. He watched hungrily as her huge bound breasts bounced up and down with each thrust. Reaching up he pinched her nipple watching it turn a light purple from the pressure. Pulling her down and grabbing her hair he yanked her head back putting his mouth next to her ear.

Are you my little whore? He asked.

Yes Master, she responded.

Are you my little girl? He asked.

Yes Daddy she responded.

Are you my property? He asked.

Yes Master she responded.

Good girl he said spanking her ass.

She moaned happily, as her pussy grew wetter lubricating his shaft.

Finally he grabbed her hips and yanked her to a standstill as he emptied his seed deep inside her. She leaned over him and rubbed her bound chest on him happily purring like a cat. Grabbing her wrists he pulled her next to him on the bed, and yanked her wrists up to the bedpost. Grabbing the handcuffs he handcuffed her to the bedposts. Looking down at her hands stretched above her, huge breasts thrusting out of the rope, and wet shaving pussy dripping juices he grinned.

Your lovely my sweet little girl, he told her.

She blushed and said nothing. He reached down grabbing a huge pink dildo from there toy chest at the end of the bed. She obligingly spread her legs wide. Patting her ass appreciatively he forced the head deep in her pussy. Her eye’s glazed over as she made little whimpering sounds he loved. He pinched her nipples and fucked her pussy till the whole dildo but the end was rammed deep in her pussy. Reaching back for a butt plug he shoved it home in her ass while still fucking her with the dildo. She whimpered and thrashed beside him. He glared at her and she instantly subsided and went still. His eye’s showed his approval as he continued playing with her. Leaving the dildo deep inside of her he went through the toy chest once more and pulled out her fastest vibe. Turning it on high he started rubbing it on her clit. With her pussy and ass stuffed full, and her tits squeezed tight in the rope this last was all it took. With a loud cry she came hard almost lifting off the bed. Her juices flowed over the dildo and down into the butt plug. He continued playing for a few minutes as she giggled uncontrollably from the force of her orgasm and the incredible joy she was feeling. Finally he cleaned and put away the toys, and then untied her tits messaging them as the blood flowed back through them and they started to turn a pale white once more. She whimpered as he ministered to her. Lastly he found the key and undid the handcuffs letting her sit up. She leaned over his chest and the snuggled together as she thanked him for the play session and told him how much she loved and needed him. She slowly drifted off to sleep on his chest. Last thing she heard was I love you to my Angel. She smiled happily and feel into a deep exhausted sleep.

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