Sunday, April 15, 2007

Apoligies to Master

Have thought long and hard one what was written yesterday, and this girl was very wrong. Master is her world and what he says go. To try to get what she wishes instead would make a lie of the title slave and Master. Yes she wants to learn and try more, but it will be what Master wishes and when he wishes only. This girl is thinking in terms of herself and that is the wrong attitude for her to have. Her Master is very good to her, and doesn't punish her half as much is she earns it. She should be gratefull to him for his forbearance. They play quiet often, more then some and she should be happy for the time they do get. In fact they played this morning for while, and it was wonderfull. This girl just needs to learn to articulate better, and approach Master properly when she really wishes to try something. He always listens to her, and takes what she says into account. He is not a mind reader and if she doesn't speak to him then he will never know what's up. This girl is truly sorry for what she wrote, if it created any misunderstanding at all.

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