Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sea world whoopie....

Lets see me and Master played last night. Some reason this girl just couldn't cum. Didn't phase me though the play lasted forever and felt so damn good if it took all night would have been fine by me. Master even had me playing with myself to try to make me cum. Even with the vibe on high just no luck. Tongue action fingers in ass teeth on nipple..nothing seemed to work. Finaly Just exploded after more then an hour. Felt so damn good. Today went to sea world with my nephew, sister, her boyfriend, and my great niece. Didn't work out to well becouse my great niece was running fevers all day so wasn't feeling to well. All she wanted was for her gramma and grampa to hold her, and am sure they were getting tired of holding her hot little body. They kept trying to get her to go to Aunt Kim(me), but she was having none of that. She loved the animal show where cats and dogs ran around doing tricks. I knew she would, but the rest she could take or leave. She was impressed with the shark encounter. She thought it was neat seeing the sharks glide over her head. Me and Jake snuck off for about two hours to do the few rides they have. We did Kraken twice becouse he wanted to sit in the front row. Then we did journey to atlantis and got soaked going down the big hill. We didn't stay till the park closed, we were all exhausted and had sore feet. We left about six. On the way home everyone but the driver and me were asleep. I'd brough my daughters ipod and was jamming music full blast into my ear lobes and bopping to the beat all the way home. When got home found an email from Master. He'd sent me a naughty greeting card that has my blood boiling right now waiting for bedtime. Mmmmmmmmmmm....can't wait.
Submissivly yours,
Master Ed's dark angel

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