Friday, April 13, 2007

Seems to have been a long day for some reason, even though had a nap. The cats where fighting in the middle of the living room last night, and woke everyone up. The court thing took forever even though I was only up there for five minutes. Just a lot of peaple there. Don't know why i'm scared breathless at things like that, even if it's minor. Master owes my twenty two strokes of the whip, becouse he's been counting up my bad behavior all week. I'd rather get the strokes one at a time then all at once. Though Master is always gentle and never breaks skin on purpose. Can't complain though, becouse this girl was really bratty a few times and did earn each of those strokes. Have made so many friends at Dungeon myspace it's really nice. Love being able to talk to other's about the things that excite me. Bondage, shibari, and other things we haven't even tried yet. Hope we have some good play time this weekend, becouse it's been a while since we've had a long session. Huggsssssss and kisses to any and all that reads this girls blogs..the few there are.

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