Monday, April 9, 2007

Monday agian....

Master is in a bad mood today. Daughter didn't help it, she was supposed to go to her cousins house, but never called them to come pick her up. Finaly took her over there, but Master really didn't want to go out today. He wasn't feeling well. This girl has cramps so not feeling to good herself. House is destroyed just from having family over for Easter. Have baby niece here now till her mother gets off work at ten. I'll be beyond exhausted by then. My great niece Jayna is a bit spoiled, and wants to be outside all day, but it's raining right now so can't go out and play. My cat smells like something crawled up him and died. Don't know what he ate that disagreed with him, but the gas he is releasing is horrondous. My other niece Ashley is actually home doing homework which she's really home at all. She's uber spoiled at 18. On her second new car, becouse the first one that her grandparents bought her the alignment was so off from her always hitting stuff, they traded it in for a new one. She's always nasty when she's home. Everything has to revolve around her or she has a melt down. All I want to do is go lay down, but can't becouse watching baby. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much brighter day.

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