Wednesday, May 23, 2007

today hmmm...what about today?

Well lets see what can this one say about today? Well started out lovely kid wouldn't wake up as usual. Least didn't forget Master's clothes though sure didn't want to get up and take a shower, and loose a moments of precious sleep. Finally did get up to take that shower though, when done found two cats staring at the shower curtain waiting for this one to emerge. Guess remembered Masters clothes forgot cats breakfast. Would be a miracle if this slave remembered everyone all on the same day. Between Master, teen, cats, parents, and various other family members this girl is dragged twenty ways till Sunday most of the time. Master is always first, but this girl gets dragged away sometimes and he doesn't like that. After finally got all up, and headed out door at last went to McDonald's for breakfast..O joy. Was actually enjoying my breakfast sandwich when Master started picking on teen telling her that she was going to bite into a huge piece of bone in her sausage. Well guess who did soon as he said that? After this girl spit and spit and threw the rest of her sandwich away Master kept saying she had bit into a chicken beak. So stomach was pretty queasy. Dropped kid at school, had to pry her out of car with a crow bar. Had to go get the mother in law. As you can tell day was just doomed all around. Went down to talk to lawyer about sis in laws wrong full death. He was nice till he found out sis in law weighed four hundred pounds and smoked like a chimney. Then dollar signs disappeared and he got pretty cold and distant. We left there with nothing accomplished and headed home. Went to Wally world before dropping of mom in law. They had the one and only season of Beauty and the beast on DVD but didn't' want to pay thirty five dollars for it so put it down. Went across the street and spent fifty in games finally dropped off loud mouth annoying, farting, belching mother in law and went to pick up kid from school. Of course she was busy talking and took forever to get her out door and into car. In mean time had to talk to principle. More fun piled on fun. Finely got home. One good thing was no baby to watch. My other sister took her out to dinner, and to play at her house. Realized no meat was put out to thaw for dinner so slowly cooked hamburger and made hamburger helper. The box had been in the cupboard forever and it looked pretty questionable to me, but had no complaints. Am so ready for bed and will be happy for no play time tonight. Of course if get some will be happy for that as well. (WEG)

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