Friday, May 25, 2007

to Master

My Dearest Master, This girl cherishes every day togather though sometimes she doesn't show it. Even on all vanilla days when we get home so late we go to bed and crash. Though I'd prefer to snuggle and play a bit this one understands your in pain often and just not in mood. Though this one gets mad when you snap at her or tell her not to have attitude when she felt she was not, she understands you are trying to train her to be better then she is. This one is trying but she is often unsure of her own feelings, and is scared of things. This one often needs your arms around her, and your assurance of your love. This girl knows it in her heart, but her mind plays tricks on her and makes her feel unloved, unattractive, unwanted, and just plain alone at times. Please ignore my nastiness at times and help me to be the best girl for you and myself. This one tries hard, but feels she often fails. Thank you for your understanding, patience, willingness to correct bad behavior, perserverance, and your undying love. Submissivly yours,

dark angel

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