Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday yea!!!

Well it's Friday today, and was really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. No such luck of course. My daughter has a car wash she's supposed to be at first thing in the morning. Have the worst headache today, and asperin isn't helping. My neice Ashley graduates tonight, so my mother is being a bitch. You might wonder how the two concide, but my mom always becomes bitchy at events. She made me run up to mall to meet Ash becouse she said she needed a new pair of shoes. Told her it would take forever, and my mother said no not at all. Of course took hours, and my head was throbbing the whole time. My niece is very spoiled so won't even consider shopping in certian stores. After we finaly left had other errands to run so barely picked up my daughter from school in time. Master and I want to go to see a movie tonight. We've been trying to go for several weeks, but with his sister and everything just haven't had the time. Supposed to go to my niece's graduation, but have absolutly no desire to go. She didn't invite Master, becouse of his chair and I have a problem with this. She just assumed they wouldn't accomadate him at the football field. He's not dead he's disabled, and has done more for her then most. If he's not invited I'm just not going. Least she will be gone to project graduation all night so should be quiet in the house. Master did give me three strikes of the whip last night after asked for them. Asked for them while was still dressed, hoping the shirt would lessen impact a little. He actually said he knew this girl was stressed yesterday and would have let is slide, but since she asked. Then he gave me one more after this one took off her shirt. Forgot his clothes agian this morning, but got them to him before he had gotten up still. Tomorrow's another day, and hopefully a better one...

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