Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Master's Birthday

Well it's been a pretty fucking fantastic day. Least in my opinion. Only bad part about it was still had baby, becouse my mother agreed to take her after I told my niece several days ago wasn't going to watch her today. My nephew took me and Master out to breakfast after we dropped our daughter off at school. Then we came home for about an hour checked movie times. My nephew took us to see the condemned. Was a very good movie. Dropped my nephew off at home and went to pick up daughter. Came home and had to watch the baby for about an hour while my mother ran out somewhere. Let her play in pool for a while, gave her bath, and an icecream so she was happy. After my parents came back they took us to a Mexican resteraunt to celebrate Master's Birthday. Since then have just been relaxing at home waiting for bed time so we can have some play time. Going to wear my new see through teddy for Master tonight. Hope the night as is good is the day, and hope this girl can stay awake for a long play session after the long day out today.

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