Sunday, May 27, 2007

pretty good day

Last night Master put me in place during play. He showed once again who's in charge, and truly this girl enjoyed every minute of it. He made this girl so hot and wet that she was begging for a break long before he was through with her. Went to flea market today to hang out for a bit. My niece wasn't to happy she wanted to hang around our house, make a music Cd, and go swimming but I wanted to take the girls out and spend some time with them so that's what we did. After our little crappy flea market we went down a bit further to eat at Krystal's. We have only one in this area and it's not real close to us. Master and our daughter love Krystal's so it's a treat for them. Then we went to walk around Kmart for a bit. It was good to get Karia away from her grandma for a bit, and talk to her. Was also upsetting, because found out all the lies her grandmother has told us lately. Of course that's par for the course with the old witch. We have to try to get custody since she still doesn't have it for either of them, but we keep running into brick walls. No one wants to help us without money in there hand. Well we are going to keep trying because all of her own kids left home by the time they were 14 or earlier for a reason, and those kids don't need to put up with her shit either. Wish us luck.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck sweetie!!