Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Story time

Sadistic dreams

No one was home so Dark Angel took off her clothes and set them aside. Coming to the room she got down on her hands and knees and crawled to the side of bed. Master looked down on her bemused. Pulling her on the bed he kissed her passionately. You are now reading my mind girl; he told her playfully swatting her ass. Yes Master she replied grinning playfully. He grabbed her wrists and held them behind her back as he leaned down to suckle at her pert nipple. He bit down hard, and she squirmed and begged for no more. O’ yes lots more girl, he told her. Grabbing the solid black cuffs he quickly slipped them on her wrist and put it around the bedpost. Reaching for the soft restraints that were already attached to the head of the bed he pulled her ankles up and fastened them as well. He sat back and looked in satisfaction. His girl was securely fastened to bed with legs wide spread for easy access. He leaned forward and bit her neck reminding her of who was in charge. She groaned, but didn’t move a muscle. In reward he stuck his tongue deep in her wet pussy making her chest heave as she quivered beneath him. Covering her face with a small pillow he moved to the toy chest at the end of the bed. He knew she was dying to know what he was doing. He returned and shoved the huge pink dildo deep in her pussy making her whimper helplessly. He loved that sound. Grinning he shoved it in and out ruthlessly as her ass squirmed up and down. Little moans and whimpers escaped from under the pillow as he watched her breasts heave. Looking at those luscious melons he reached up and attached three wooden clothespins to her nipple. Her chest heaved harder yet nothing but small moans did she make. He licked and sucked her other nipple for a few moments as a reward. Reaching down once again he took her butt plug and shoved it home deep. She did scream out at this intrusion and arch high off the bed. He reached up and laid his hand on her chest and she quickly subsided apologizing. Leaving the butt plug deep in her ass, he took her vibrator and turned it on to high. Placing it right on her nub he started to rub back and forth. She moaned her whole body shaking. He could hear the clothespins rattling against each other as her whole body quivered under his onslaught. Reaching down he started to move the dildo in and out of her ass as he still plundered her wet juicy pussy with the vibrator. Far too soon for him she screamed for permission to cum. No, he said still rubbing and stroking. Please Master she sobbed her chest heaving. He let her beg and plead for five minutes before giving permission. Soon as he said cum girl she quivered hard and her juices flowed down her thighs and into the crack of her ass coating the butt plug. He continued stroking for a few more as she cried and pleaded for no more, as the force of her release was so great. Finally he stopped and stroked her gently before putting aside the toys and taking off the clothespins. He rubbed her pinched swollen nipple for a few moments before releasing her ankles. He let her stretch her feet out, and he admired her for a while, before finally releasing her hands from the cuffs as well. Telling her what a good girl she was he let her go back to her chores for now, but wouldn’t let her get back dressed. He watched her ass wiggle as she walked away while he dreamed of next time….

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