Saturday, May 26, 2007


Not to sure what to say about today. Was out with Masters mom and the kids. She was driving me nuts with her lies and carrying on. Really think we should fight custody for those kids she is destroying them with her nastiness. Master didn't enjoy the third Pirate movie, but he isn't a Johnny Depp fan and wasn't to fond of the first two so no surprise there. He thought it lasted way to long. Now this girl is in trouble for attitude because she truly wished he had sent his mom home, before we walked around mall. She drove me nuts. Kiki O/our niece wanted to spend night, and this one told her fine. Apparently Master had told our daughter no to having her cousin over. This one didn't know that so got in trouble. Well this one has told O/our niece to come over anytime she needs a break from her grandma, and she really needed that break. This one never breaks her promises and meant it when she told her to come spend night anytime. Tried explaining this to Master but just dug the hole deeper. Now Master has said this one has a huge attitude problem which needs correcting. After listening to his mother bitch about Kiki and her attitude understood why the girl needed to get away. Was very angry and probably did lash out a bit at Master for taking so long shopping leaving me to entertain his mother, because this girl was to nice to ignore the old bitch. Yes this one is still a bit angry. His mother had told us that the kids agreed with everything she got rid of out of there mother's stuff, now I've found out that's not true. Also she keeps telling the kids lies about us and other family members because she wants them totally dependent on her. She is mentally unstable and constantly calls all of us by the wrong name. I truly think we should contest her guardianship over those kids. So yes was angry all day which didn't make the day very enjoyable, though did get some quality time with KiKi away from her grandmother for a change. Her grandmother won't even let her call us like I've told her to if she has any problems. Don't really want her little brother sad to say, but half his problem is he's mainly been raised by his grandmother even when his mother was alive so he is socially way behind his peer group. He's not a bad kid but he is very hyper, annoying, and bratty and that's all his grandmother's doing. Kiki says she's hitting Joey a lot too, and that worries me though I know the old bat could hardly hit a fly with any strength with as much oxygen as she is on. Still being yelled at and made to do everything for his grandma isn't going to help the boy one bit. Luckily after got home went into MDS chat for a while. My friend Squirt immediately noticed this girl wasn't her usual self and probed a bit till she got this girl to talk. She always makes me feel better and am so grateful for her and her great Mistress. they are wonderful people. Off to bed and face the music now. Though maybe Master will already be asleep as he had a headache. Night all.

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