Monday, May 14, 2007

service with a smile

Well Master has played well and truly with this girl last night, and this morning. Always hate it when he asks this girl what she wants for truly this girl doesn't know. Everything he does is so amazing and wonderfull feeling. It's hard though to always obey when there might be other things I wish to do, or things I don't agree on. He is Master though, and his word is law. Least I know he'll always listen and take what this one says into consideration. Some wouldn't even do that. Last night he wanted to know what this girl wanted, and this one couldn't answer. This one is for Master's pleasure not her own, and it's about what he wants. He made girl lean agianst wall with arms out on her knee's with a dildo inside and stay that way for a while. That was hard as hell. Still says this one is owed some stripes for her attitude though..sigh. Been not feeling good at all today. Head feels like it's going to split open it hurts so much. Baby really had no supervision today, and becouse of that she spilled water twice and slipped on tile banging her head. Luckily she didn't get serously hurt no thanks to me. Hopefully her mother will find someone else to watch her tomorrow. To tired to truly write this evening even though napped for hours today before baby got here. Prob would have slept all day if didn't have to watch the urchin. Master sometimes takes my bottom lip in his teeth and pulls. Hurts like the dickens but does remind me who's in charge quickly. Our play is getting rougher, and yet this girl is happy she can take more then when they started out. Hope others had a better Monday then this one did.

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