Thursday, May 3, 2007

May 03. 2007

Had a very intense session for Master's birthday last night. This girl thought she'd seduce Master, but he showed her who was boss very quickly as always. He's in control and what he says goes always. Today was still a busy day for this girl. Everyone but my daughter was late for school including the teachers this morning for some reason. So we sat in front of school waiting for someone with keys to show up for quiet a while, then we gave up and went to burger king for breakfast. Then when this girl got home her mother was hungry and wanted to go out. So went out for lunch even though this girl was tired and really just wanted to lay down and take a nap. After lunch mother decided she wanted to go look through toys r us. Saw one of my best friends from high school in there. By the time we got home it was time to leave agian to get my daughter from school. Had to go in and talk to the principle. Nothing bad just keeping me up to date on my daughter's progress, and what other special programs might be avialable for mckay scholership students. After that had to go get Master's check cashed. This involves going to two diffrent places to cash each check. Then had to go pick up my niece kieria from her house. She wasn't home from school yet so had to wait. Took her to payless to get shoes for a highschool dance tomorrow. She had a dress but her mom isn't working so couldn't get a nice pair of shoes. Took her and my daughter to taco bell for dinner, then walked over to walmart and walked around there for a while. This girl whined till Master bought her a fish that had a heart tattooed on it. My daughter named the fish cupid. Finaly took the niece home and came home ourselves. Then had my hyper active baby great niece Jayna all over me for the next few hours till her mother got home from work to get her. So has been a very long day all around. Am glad it's over at last. Hopefully it's over. My sister chris and her dog Taz is still here. Some days they show up and just stays for almost the whole day with never a reason. My niece Ashley found a home for one of my half grown kittens. So Screech Jr. is gone. He had really grown on me. With two new one's latched on there momma's tit though we had to let him go. Tomorrow will be just as hectic a day. Katie decided she wanted to go to this highschool dance with her cousin. Since she's in a small private school there's not a lot of guys to choose from, so she wants to peruse the highschool So well have to find her shoes and a dress quickly after school then rush her over to her cousins house so they can leave early to get a ticket for her. When did highschool dance tickets get so expensive? Twenty bucks for a dance ticket...geeze. I know Katie will have a great time though so it's all good. Submissivly yours, Master Ed's dark angel

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