Sunday, May 6, 2007

Day late and a dollar short

Well didn't write yesterday. Master's sister is in icu up at the hospital, and where not sure she's going to recover. We stayed out there for hours and almost didn't go to the nunch, but we needed the distraction and i'd already made a huge pot of chili to take for the potluck. The conversation topic was not that exciting, but it's always good to see everyone and find out what's going on. Last nights topic was abuse which is a great topic, but this girl has had classes on abuse in almost every job she's been in. Can pretty much give the speech myself. Know all the warning signs, so was pretty bored through the whole thing. Poor Master has to be the peacekeeper between his family though this crisis with his sister too. His mom is a very forgot full and one of those that panics and screams gloom and doom with every crisis. So she called and convinced us his sister was moments from death yesterday, and had us all in tears. The reality is she's very sick, but doing ok. They have her in a forced sleep while they clear out her lungs from what she asperated into them. Hopefully by monday they'll be able to wake her up. Then we will know more about her condition. She was out for five minutes the other day, and they managed to bring her back, but they don't have any clue about brain damage or not till she wakes up. She has a 16 year old daughter and a 12 year old son that this girl really doesn't want to raise, but if something happens will. So pray for us, and that his family will pull togather during this crisis and stop sniping at one another. Poor Master is going to have to deal with all the medical stuff, keep family members for killing each other, and try to keep all the children calm during this crisis. All I can do is be there for him, and hope my presence helps to calm and soothe him.

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