Wednesday, May 16, 2007

relaxing day

Well didn't really do that much today at all. Basicaly relaxed a bit which was nice actually. Last night Master said no play he was tired, but then gave girl permission to play with herself. He turned over and finished her off though as only he can. Spent a lot of time in MDS chat today with a few of my friends that was fun. Master spent a lot of time on phone with his annoying mother which wasn't so fun. After we got our daughter from school Master took a bath, and when this girl came to help him back into his chair he attacked her and they had some good fun for a while locked in room. Played with paint shop pro for a bit too. Have missed playing there so might try to get back to it. Last night was thinking of tattoo's as have been wanting one. Have always thought i'd get something with a wolf as this girl loves wolves. Some how though that is not what came to mind. What came to mind is cuffs with Master Ed's dark angel written inside the links. Would love that on my ass cheek. Hmmm wonder if that means everytime this girl gets spanked Master would be spanked as well...(grins) Master hasn't been to happy with girl agian today. Keeps saying she's back talking him when truly she doesn't mean to or just doesn't see it. Least he is good about pointing it out and not punishing for it. At least not yet. He is taking more and more control of this girl, and making sure she knows who is Master and who owns who. Am proud to be his girl, but it is hard to sometimes put all else aside for Master as this one should. Working on it though. Do play a bit much in chat with others just out of fun, but hope Master doesn't get mad or not like that. We have not discussed limits that way. Can not cyber without permission but he never said anything about playing in chat. Guess we will have to discuss it so this girl doesn't get in trouble. In chat she gives lots of cyber hugs and kisses, and sometimes will crawl up in a warm lap and snuggle. It is all in fun though, and goes nowhere. Have never asked if that's ok or not and guess am asking now. Submissivly, Master Ed's dark angel

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