Thursday, May 17, 2007

Traffic court sucks

Well this day was fun..not. If Master doesn't stripe my back tonight I'll be very lucky. My attitude today should earn me more then the customary one or two this one usually gets. When this girl gets tired, upset, and stressed she tends to lash out on whoever is closest which is usually Master. Well first our daughter, then Master. Niether of which I want to yell at. We were late for traffic court and daughter was slow as dirt like always, so my blood started boiling pretty quickly this morning. Then Master had me go one way to the court house, and this girl wanted to go the other way she thought was quicker. Though when Master said quit now when this girl was running her mouth, she did bite tongue and not say another word. Even when we went through several school zones that slowed us even more. So maybe this girl is getting a bit better. We had to stop and get his mother which didn't improve this one's mood. She had some work to do at the court house to do with custody of her grandkids anyway, and thought she could help me. So had to listen to her mouth and bite my tongue even more. Master stayed in car, which this girl really didn't appreacate. She knows they will not let him in court room anyway, becouse his chair is considered in way but even if he sits out in the hall it makes this girl feel better. He wasn't feeling well though, and has a pressure sore that's been bothering him so choose to wait in car outside. The judge postponed court till after noon, becouse he had an eye appointment. O'joy get to go to lunch with the mother in law. (yes this girl is still sarcastic) See why she admits to earning those stripes tonight? Finaly court was over and dropped off the witch in law. We were actually a few minutes early to pick up our daughter, so Master wanted to go to the comic book shop right down the way from her school. This girl was very sarcastic about saying while it's great now he wants to get out of the car. She is very lucky he didn't slap the shit outta her. Instead he explained once agian why he stayed in car, and that he loved her and understood she was upset but she needed to stop lashing out at him when mad. He is right, and this girl is ashamed.(hangs head) Didn't help when got home my niece had dropped baby off early. My mother said she had been there since 11 am so my mother was exhausted but didn't know this till later. Mom said finaly it's about time the babysitter got here, and this girl exploded at her. Had a headache and was hot and tired by this time. Finaly went in computer room with Master and just sat in the air condantion for a while reading till calmed down. finaly came out and played with baby. Took her for walk, and spent time with her. Luckily mom wasn't to pissed at me so things smoothed over. My mother is like me and when she gets mad can simmer and hold a grudge for weeks. Made a good dinner, and feel asleep about seven pm was so tired. Now even though had a long late nap am almost ready for bed agian. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, and Master will forgive me my attitude today. This girl has heard about other slaves earning 15 or more stripes for attitude that her Master barely gives her one or two for, so this girl knows she is very lucky and should be thankfull for having a Master as kind as hers. Still having trouble with the whole slave concept. It will probaly take years for it to become second nature if it ever does. Till then this one will bite her tongue and try to serve with a smile when all she wants to do is sit down and ignore everyone. She is Master Ed's dark angel and will keep reminding herself of that every moment she has. Especially when all she wants is to think of herself... Submissivly, Master Ed's dark angel

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