Saturday, May 12, 2007

Goodbye picnic

Finaly played last night after two weeks. Yea.....(jumps up and down for joy). Master used the Kendo stick it was amazing and painfull all at once. Master took me to the edge, over, and kept on going till this girl was sobbing from the emotions. It was good though becouse after the week we had really needed that release. Today had the picnic memorial service. Was supposed to start by two and we were running late. Went to pick up my daughters friend and he didn't answer door even though we beat on it so we left him. Found park but noone was there yet, turns out everyone was running late. Katie was being slow, and am afriad this girl lost temper with her several times. Didn't help when we got to park found out that bbq sauce had spilled all over my back seat becouse she wasn't watching the chicken. This girl does at times especially when stressed or on little sleep gets a real bad attitude, but never lasts for long. Master wasn't happy with this girls attitude though. It was all just mainly stress and lack of sleep, but he still will give her attitude adjustment with whip tonight..pouts. Plus his wheel on his front tire broke. I was fixing the axle that fell into it, and when he got in chair the front wheel just collasped so have been trying to push chair in a wheelie all day. After all that and everyone finaly showed up things got better. Katie got hold of her friend he was in shower at the time we were banging on his door so he didn't hear us. We sent granma and Katie to go pick him up, which gave us all a break from granma's mouth which we needed. The picnic did go well was a bit to hot, and boring but we were there for the kids. After we went to mall for a bit, and hung out then came home. Master took wheels off his other chair so least he can roll around now. Wasn't a bad day really till in trouble for the attitude.

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