Tuesday, May 15, 2007

fine timing and actions

Ok this girl truly tries to behave and listen to Master some how just doesn't work out. Today had the baby which he wasn't happy about to start with. He told this girl to tell niece we weren't baby sitting today, but she had noone else so don't know how I could of said no. Then the baby is a bit spoiled and if she wants up this girl picks her up. Master doesn't like spoiled babies so doesn't like her to all the time. This girl tries to behave, but some how Master is dissapointed in this one's actions a lot. This girl tries hard to please, but some how keeps falling short of Master's expectactions. This one knew it wouldn't be easy, but loves her Master and is trying her damndest to please him and make this work. It's been a hard week all around and if Master needs to take some of his frustration out on this one then am happy to be here for him. His mother is driving him nuts, and loosing his sister hit him hard. He wants perfection from his bitch this girl will try to give him that. Hope he isn't to angry at her tonight, becouse she tried not having attitude and wasn't purposly being slow in listening to Master. Hopefully he doesn't go ape shit on his mother, and becomes a stark raving lunatic. This girl can do no more then be here for him, and hope it's enough...

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