Thursday, May 24, 2007

Busy yet boring day

Lets see wasn't allowed to go to my fave chat room in MDS because Master said was spending way to much time there. He is right as always. Have actually probably logged 6 to 7 hours a day in there. They are like family to me, and it was driving me crazy checking out the names in there seeing all my friends in there and not being able to go say hi and play. Didn't do anything else constructive actually with my free time though. Caught up on TV programs I'd had saved, but hadn't watched yet. Master got up late and had a long shower so didn't spend the free time with him. By time he got out of shower was time to go get the teen. We took her to go see Delta Farce at the movie because she had wanted to, and it was about to leave the theaters. Well she actually fell asleep at one part of the movie that's how good it was. lol. Then had an end of school dinner to attend. Stopped at publix and picked up chicken, because didn't want to cook anything for it. O/our daughter got the only honor roll certificate for the high scholars. She does really well in that school. It's a small private Christan school our friend Mary started to help her learning disabled grandchildren that were failing public school. If O/our daughter was in public school do not think that she would be doing nearly as well either. So we are grateful for the school even though the kids drive us nuts, as well as Mary. After we ate and Mary gave out the awards we scrammed for home. Now it's ten o'clock and most ready for bed. Master has already headed there I believe. Good night all, and wish me luck in getting Master to let me back in the chat room with my friends.....

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