Tuesday, May 1, 2007

one more day till Master's Birthday

Tomorrow is Masters Birthday yea...to bad payday is the day after Master's Birthday. Sigh. Am feeling a little sad that can't afford to get Master anything. He doesn't really want anything but a blow job anyway and would give him that anytime. Have spammed him with lots of ecards. Hope he likes them. We played a bit before bed last night. Master said he was tired and wasn't going to, but then he turned over and attacked this girl. He blamed this girl, but he must of been more in the mood then he was letting on lol. Whatever it works for me. Had baby niece all day agian so am exhausted. Told my niece wasn't watching her kid tomorrow. It's Master's Birthday and plan on spending all day serving him like he should be served. Hope this girl can make his day special. Submissivly, Master Ed's dark angel

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