Saturday, June 30, 2007

Play party

Yes my first play party. More boring then I expected but it had its moments. The ponies are fascinating but the two that came tonight aren't the most gorgeous critters, and I could do without the sight of them prancing around actually. Master pulled out my chain and collar when we got there and had me wear them. I didn't mind since this was a swinger party and it let them know I was owned. Master said first time he saw old balls we were out of there. Withing half hour one of the pony girls started whipping a submissive older gentleman with no pants on. Lol Master let us stay though. One lady showed up in a see through mesh top. Master let me take off my shirt and walk around in just my pink bra. We watched a whole play scene between a Mistress and her husband/wife...not sure what to call her submissive. It was very touching and lovely to watch. They were very in tune with each other. Someone did a zipper dress with like 300 clothespins then had it ripped off. I didn't watch that. One guy decided he wanted to play and he was new. He stuck his huge penis through a hole in a backwards chair and let someone flog the tip, drop hot wax on it, and some other play but nothing to dramatic. Don't think he liked much of We left about the time people started swimming naked in the pool. It was a swingers party and we don't swing so thought that was good time to exit. Watched and learned a lot though and had a good time all and all. We were invited to join the swingers yahoo group, and to go to the next swingers party and I do look forward to it.

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